Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tickled Pink

If you were in the CGOA-chat on Ravelry last night, you might have heard me stating that I wished WIPs (Works in Progress) long set aside, due to the allure of newer projects and deadlines, had GPS systems attached to them so when the time came to finish them a sort of beeping would begin. There is nothing worse than:

A. setting a project aside for seemingly forever,
B. forgetting where the aforementioned project is stored.

Fortunately for some , the WIPs are fairly large, and easy to spot. But what if that project is nothing more than a dozen yards of silk thread and a bunch of beads crocheted together in the simplist of crochet stitchery? Yes, that would mean it is a much smaller, and much easier project to misplace. And this is what I was whining about talking about last night in the CGOA-chat room.

This morning, as I eagerly awaited my single cup of coffee (please don't ask how that is going), I decided if there was going to be harmony between my sanity and the world, I would stop tearing my hair out and push this project out of my mind (for now) and concentrate on my deadlines. I really have no time to spare in digging through millions of skeins of yarn and long-ago forgotten WIPs...

As if by magic, leprechauns, big foot, or an army of tinker bells, the project seemingly magically appeared. It was right there, in front of me the entire time. (or was it?!?) Glad to have found it, I slowly sipped my coffee and ran my fingers over it, delighted to have it back in my hands, and deciding how I would finish it.

Aside from tacking down the silk thread to keep it from slipping/raveling, it is finished. And I couldn't be more tickled!


Anonymous said...

Simply stunning! There are no other words.

Priscilla said...

What a lovely FO! I'm glad you found it again. I seem to be more apt to lose yarn than WIPs, but then my WIPs are usually larger, as you say.

So will we see the necklace at the conference?