Friday, July 24, 2009

That's a Riot!

I cannot say what possessed me to do it, but it is done. I was inspired last night, had the yarn in my stash since (I think) 2002 and it whipped up in no time flat. My partner in crime, Dee Jr., knew the history behind it due to his reading (thus far) 31 books this summer.

From the book, “Well, Duh!” by Bob Fenster I can share the following:

In 1797 the English haberdasher John Hetherington invented this. First time he wore his creation down the streets of London, he caused a riot.

“He was fined by the police for wearing this item to frighten timid people.”

It is my hope to wear this item at the ChainLink conference and recreate the 1797 riot.

Please, if you figure it out, do not reveal it until after the Conference.

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Sara said...

That is a riot! Can't wait to see it!