Sunday, October 26, 2008

RSS Feed Issues ...

Having used AOL for the first four + years of blogging, I've been unknowingly spoiled hampered. They did everything for me: columns, comment notifications, color/style choice, and RSS feeds.

Now that I am on my own I've found this to be a huge learning experience -- and opportunity to get creative. Why, just this week I learned how to make my column to the right a little bit transparrent ...

But something is wrong. The RSS function is not working. I went over to the feedburner site to get my new blog validated and it came up with a lot of code violations. ((Kinda sounds like I'm a bad landlord, right? lol))

  • style attribute contains potentially dangerous content

  • two entries with the same value for atom

  • content should not contain woohoonamesaved attribute

  • content should not contain object tag

Are you scratching your head too, saying, "Whaaat??"
I'm not sure how to correct the violations as my self-taught html coding skills are quite rusty. I think the violations occurred during the migration from AOL to here. But rest assured, I am looking into it. If I can fix it, I will. If I can't, well, I do appreciate you visiting with me and I hear my coffee is pretty tasty. I'll keep a pot on just in case you want to visit me here rather than through an RSS feed. ... And if any of you know some simple fixes I could try, I'm all ears.


Sandie said...

When you transfer from one place to another, there is a lot of automatic formatting that comes from the individual site. I try to remember to put the info into notepad first which takes out the other formatting, and then paste into the new program. Some programs play very nicely together and others do not. I don't know if that is the problem, but it's a possibility. For html I bug my daughter. I know only VERY basic bits. said...

AOL set up the transfer to blogger; all we AOL'ers had to do was sign up for a blogger addy and click on a button or two. I can't imagine placing the entries into notepad first (there's over 4 years worth) ... but you did give me the idea to revisit the offending entries individually and see if I can remove the offending code there! Thanks Sandie! :)

Jennifer Cirka said...

I think it's looking GREAT! But I'm no help with the codes! Sorry.

Priscilla said...

For what it's worth, it took a week or so, but I was finally able to subscribe to your blog with my Google Reader account. I haven't had any problems since I subscribed. So I think your feed is working ok. I can't help with the code either. With the new Blogger, we have a lot less ability to fiddle with the code.

(Hehe, this is fun, being able to leave you comments at will. I never could manage it on AOL.)