Tuesday, September 11, 2007

What happens when two passions join forces?

 ... this!    

Giraffes and Crochet ... bliss!  {VBG}

One is a size Q/16mm and the other is a "new size" -- R/17.5mm.Giraffe Yarn Bowl

Anne of
www.Brainsbarn.com tells me Brian was a little "vocal" with this project, "he did have a time because they wouldn't fit in the lathe...LOL!...you should have heard it!...cover your ears! But he did it."

And I'm soooo glad he took on this challenge for me!  I'm looking forward to seeing the hooks in person!  Prior to Brian's magical touch, they were a pair of hand carved and hand painted giraffe swirl sticks I had sent over from the UK.  To the right is my new "Yarn Bowl" -- also from the UK.  I found both Giraffe treasures on eBay.  I found Brian and Anne at last year's CGOA National Conference.  :)

I plan on using the hooks during public demonstrations; I'll use the bowl here in my home.  What do you think?    :) 


Anonymous said...

WOW OH WOW loving them! Enjoy! He did an awesome job. SHerri

Anonymous said...

I think I am in LOVE! These are great!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,
Brian is an artist! These are awesome. Is he continuing to crochet, I wonder? Both he, and my husband took the crochet classes at chain link. Mickey is still crocheting, and looking to take it a step further.  Cheers!  M Goshen in NJ

Anonymous said...

Fantastic hooks! Lovely treat for the eyes when you're working on a project!

Use them in the best of health!