Thursday, August 16, 2007

Marathoning for Crochet

It's been a marathon two days, and I still feel like I've been doing nothing but running around in circles.  Well, not physically running, but mostly running around to get a lot of administrative tasks done such as submitting the paper work for items I'd like to enter into various fairs that showcase needlework, and shipping some of my prized crochet hooks that will be featured in an article by Gwen Blakley-Kinsler that will appear in an upcoming issue of PieceWork magazine -- one of my most favorite needlecraft magazines! 

Having finished all these tasks, it was then time to prepare all the entries for the Fairs.  Is all the running around worth it? 

I'd like to think so.  I like to enter items into various Fairs not so much for the possiblity of winning a ribbon, but more so to show off different types of crochet!  Who knows, perhaps one of my items (or someone else's) will inspire someone to pick a crochet hook up for the first time, or to pick up a hook after a long hiatus.  And that, to  me, is a fantastic reason for submitting items for judging!  

Am I alone in this thinking?  No!  Mini~Dee is entering the dolly dress she designed -- she's hoping she inspires another child to want to learn how to crochet too!

So, being in a pickle tonight, there is no way I could drive to Bridgewater to drop off my entries and then dash down to Westport to teach my crochet class at the same time.  This means Mr. Dee had to be pressed into Emergency Fiber Service.  He just dashed out of the house with the kids. and all the entries, to get them there in time.  Thank goodness I have such a wonderful hubby who is, literally, willing to go the extra mile for me. 

And me?  I'm marathoning my way to Westport! ...

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Dee deserves the medal for Hubby of the year!!  He is so awesome!  I working towards finishing a project for submission in a fair too.  The Guilford Fair submission deadline is September 15th.  Keep your fingers crossed that my baby sweater has sleeves by then - lol!!!  Good luck with your submissions - anyone would be inspired just looking at your work and perfect stitches!