Sunday, August 19, 2007

Results from the Bridgewater Fair

In the late afternoon the sky started to seriously cloud up; we were worried we'd get caught in a down-pour.  Delightfully the weather held, and towards evening the sun poked through the clouds.

The children are always delighted to go to the Bridgewater Fair.  Besides all the yummy foods, there are things to shop for, animals to look at, Oxen Pulls to watch, rides to ride, and of course, to go to the Needlecraft tent and see how everyone did.

Mini~Dee was delighted to see a Blue Ribbon on her entry.  She wasn't alone ... another youngster submitted a small knitted rabbit and won a Blue Ribbon too.  (With more kids in attendance at the National CGOA Conference, and now another child submitting their work for judging, can it be that more children are becoming interested in the fiber arts?  We sure hope so!)  Mini~Dee was delighted to see her entry was not alone in the Junior Division.  :)

My items placed well too -- all Blue Ribbons, and a Trophy for Best in Division (Crochet).  I know my work caught the eye of others as there was a note attached to one; I'll need to follow up on that.  I loved that there were so many wonderful entries this year!  One crochet entry really caught my eye -- an afghan created with Tunisian stitches, complete with color changes that created a John Deere tractor theme in green and yellow.  For the finer details, the crocheter then added cross stitching.  It was a wonderful entry, and if memory serves me correctly, it ribboned too. 

Dee Jr. did not ribbon for his veggies (see image #1) -- for an 8-year old, he did a fantastic job growing these!  Somehow his entries were placed in the wrong category, and then on Friday night there was a huge storm that toppled the tables over -- so his veggies got mixed up with other entrants.  He took the news well and said, "Well next year I'm not entering veggies.  I'm entering Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars."  He's already formulating a display concept in his head and vowed to start drawing it on paper starting tomorrow.  I love that he has such a "can do" attitude.

While shopping I found a vendor who would be interested in working with me of blending his artistic jewelry with my crochet -- I purchased two of his pieces and can't wait to get started!  Later I spoke with the NeedlecraftCoordinator as I was picking up my pieces and told her about this vendor.  She's really excited that I'm considering entering crocheted jewelry and thinks that they might expand the categories next year so more types of crochet and knit can be submitted.  All I can say at this point is "Awesome!"  I think that would be great if they did that. 

We strolled around, did some more shopping, had dinner, did some sight seeing, and then at the end of the day got some excitement in by watching some pigs race.   Our little piggy won.   :)


Anonymous said...

Dee - Congrats to all!!  The biggest winner is Dee Jr for his winning attitude!!  Your children are amazing!  You and Mr. Dee should be so proud!  The fair sounds like lots of fun - I'll have to check it out next year!  We are looking forward to the Guilford and Durham fairs but we'll have to wait until September!  Have a great day and happy creating with the new treasures! --Haley

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the blue ribbons. Especially the  mini Mini Dee dress! I love that one and got to see it in erson. I really think they missed the boat not awarding those gorgeous veggies. can't imagine any being prettier.
Hugs to all you guys,