Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Congratulate me, I'm down 22 pounds --- in a single day!

I have found the ultimate weight loss program!  I will attest, from my own personal experience, that the following program ACTUALLY WORKS!  No pills, no surgery, no exercise, and certainly no giving up your favorite foods!  All you need is a wee-bit of will power, and you'll agree that it is a dream of a diet with extremely quick results!

Here's how I did it (you can do it too!):
This past Sunday my local CGOA Chapter, The Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club, had it's monthly meeting.  Many were in attendance, as well as two brandie-new members!  I was sitting next to Priscilla, and we got to talking about her recent vacation (AND yarn finds!), and about my recent post about "
The Tribble with Yarn is." She too believes that our various hanks and skeins are breeding! 

Naturally the conversation drifted over to discussing the lady who gave us all license to enhance our personal collections by a million times over -- just to show that we too, love what we do.

But it gets to a point, at least for me, and especially for my family, that sometimes enough is enough!  That is why I decided to drop 22 pounds.  And it was sooo easy!  All I had to do was pack up 22 pounds of yarn and bring it to the meeting during our Yarn Swap.  The key was to come home with less than what I brought.  And I did; my will-power held!  I came home with a beautiful piece of fabric that will make a great lining in a bag!

So, the next time you feel the need to go on a fiber diet, consider packing up what you know you won't be using and go to a Yarn Swap.  You'll be sure to drop the weight just as quick as I did!  :)

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Anonymous said...

If you or any of your readers have any Lion Kitchen Cotton in the discontinued color "Berry" (varigated black, blue and green) I would be more than happy to discuss a swap.  I have some lovely Colinette, some hand dyed yarns.  I have a lot of beautiful yarn.  Almost any color and texture that anyone would want.  Much discontinued Berroco in wonderful colors.  The Kitchen Cotton in Berry works wonderfully with my dishes and flatware.  The placemats I've made from it have worked up in vertical stripes of the three colors.  Unfortunately, at this point all eight have been used and washed many times over.  They have faded and I would like to make some new ones.  When Lion Brand visited the New York Guild, they suggested it was time for new dishes.  I would rather keep my dishes.  So, if any one has some, please please let me know.