Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Light in the Night ... for Crochet?

Sherri responded to my question of what I should consider stuffing the Treasure Bag I created for the upcoming Crochet Exchange.  (I crocheted it while watching the Rockcats baseball game against the New Hampshire Fisher Cats the other night.)  She wrote: "Dee, If it were I getting the Treasure Bag, I'd love to get a new awesome hook." 

Great suggestion, Sherri!  Thank you!  Your suggestion must have been written in the stars because shortly thereafter I received an email from Joanns stating:
Free Shipping @! ($35 order minimum) Use promo code JUNFSA735 -- so I took a little peek at what they currently have on sale and was pleasantly surprised to find they had the new Clover Lite Crochet hooks on sale!  So yes, Sherri, I'm going to stuff the sequined Treasure Bag with the new crochet hooks that light up the night! 

I also ordered one for Mini~Dee and Dee Jr.  I'll surprise them with the hooks at the Conference.  Will crocheting ever be the same?  LOL
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Anonymous said...

Wow, I think Ill head over to Joannes and pick me up one too:) Happy crocheting! Sherri

Anonymous said...

I used my clover lite last night while waiting for the fireworks to start...worked like a charm. Even my MIL was impressed!

Anonymous said...

I got mine from Maggie's Crochet back when she had the 40% off after reaching 40,000 members.  What made it even better, was I had a 15.00 gift cert from Paypal arrive the day before.  I ended up paying 27 cents for two hooks.  Can't beat that!!

And I do love to use them.  Very helpful for dark yarns with my aging eyes.