Wednesday, June 6, 2007

An Apple for Dee?

I did it.  Not intentionally mind you.  These things happen, or so I'm told.  I think it's just my luck, bad luck, I guess.  I feel horrible, even a bit lost about it, really.  And yes, I'm hanging my head and wondering just that:  What happened?!?  It was so sudden; without warning, you know.  I'm talking about the death of my Dell laptop.  And that, with it's passing, making it a total of four computers now, within about a 5-year time span, that have slipped into the blue screen yonder.  So, no, this is not good indeed!

While Mr. Dee says he'll look into the possibility of reviving the laptop sometime this weekend, I have to wonder: is it worth it?  After all, if the President of the NYCCG had difficulty getting help for her PC, then what will Mr. Dee's experience be?  I wonder more if it is time for me to consider trying an Apple

In the meantime, as I grieve over the loss of being portable, the loss of freedom to check emails and create blog posts from the great outdoors and beyond (my livingroom), I've been busy crocheting something for me.  Yes, that's right.  Me! Me! Me!  (lol)  Often times we crocheters are so busy crocheting for friends, family and charities that we totally forget to create something special for ourselves. So right now it's my turn!  Me! Me! Me!   {{VBG}}

Readers, when was the last time you crocheted something just for YOU!??  And, if you're an Apple laptop user, are you happy with it? 
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Anonymous said...

Hi ya Dee. I hate to tell you this but the pic is over riding the script. I cant read it. And you know I love reading your blog! Highlight of my day:) heehee really. Sherri

Anonymous said...

I know the AOL folks are tinkering with the Journal images; if the image covers the text try enlarging the window in your browser (drag one of the sides).  In the meantime I've made the image slightly smaller.  I hope that works!
Thanks Sherri!   :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee!  My brother has an Apple and swears by them.  He is a graphic design artist and has always used Macs b/c of the better artistic software.  As a hold-over you might want to check out the refurbished laptops available on ebay - I've seen some for less than $50!  The battery life is untested but if you could find the same as the one you have, you could transfer your battery.  And guess what!  I am also crocheting for me-me-me!!  I think it is the upcoming conference that got me going - I had nothing to wear to my first big crochet shindig!  Can't wait to see pics of your creation!  Have a great day!!!--Haley

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! Come to the Mac side.
You won't regret it and you'll never look back.