Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Early Start: I Love Yarn Day

The Craft Yarn Council of America's "I Love Yarn Day" is officially Friday, October 11th.  Unfortunately due to rain in my weather forecast for Friday, I had to bump up my plans for celebrating it a few days early.

I had decided, as part of my celebrating, to recycle a crochet project: a pillow cover using "designer" yarns, that I had created a long while ago.  It was starting to show a lot of wear and I felt it was time for it to go.  After I removed it from the pillow I discovered the reverse side still "had some life to it" and would look cool as a mailbox cozy. 

2nd life given to old crochet project, becoming a mailbox cozy.

I think the project came out pretty neat looking, sprucing up my weathered mailbox.  Even Mr Dee likes it.  The crocheted flower is actually a pin that the mail carrier is welcome to take/keep.  :)

If you are interested in learning more about I Love Yarn day, just click here.  They also have really cool gear you can order from CafePress; I got the reusable bag, so I'm always toting a project around, technically celebrating "I Love Yarn Day" throughout the entire year.  How will you be celebrating?

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Unknown said...

I love that idea! I want to go decorate my mailbox and all my friend's mailboxes too!