Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New PDF Pattern Release

One of the classes I taught at the recent CGOA Chainlink Conference was called Tunisian-on-the-Short." The focus of the class was on linked crochet stitches, and it was a pleasure to teach! In fact, the wrap I wore at the Fashion Show was created with linked stitches I dreamed up in my sleep. (Oh, come on, you all know I dream in crochet, so this should not be a surprise to anyone! Giggles)

Upon returning home from the Conference the idea of linking cluster stitches kept nagging at me ... calling me ... beckoning me to figure out a way to do it. And I did! Now I am in no way saying I invented the stitch, as who knows, it could be in a book somewhere. I'm just saying that I figured it out on my own. And while tinkering, perfecting the way I did it, managed to whip up a few scarves for the 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge, such as the blue one pictured on the right.

Now my new PDF pattern for my Tumbling Clusters Autumn Scarf is officially released! My testers report the stitch is "definitely addictive & makes for very soft, springy stitches" and "works great," -- and seemingly struck a cord with many already as the pattern has been selling like hot cakes prior to me announcing it here. ((Thank you everyone!)) If you'd like to purchase the PDF pattern, you may do so on Etsy, on Ravelry, or on my website. ... just a warning though -- it can become a new stitch addiction. :)

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melicity said...

I just found your blog while going through another blog that I follow. I really like yours and am looking forward to reading more about crochet, which I LOVE! :)