Saturday, September 5, 2009

Optical Illusions

Technically it is still summer. Fall does not officially arrive here in Connecticut until September 22nd. However, with our weather dipping down into the 50's for the past several days it already feels like Fall has arrived.

While taking some pictures of a scarf I have placed for sale in my Etsy shop, Mr. Dee, who was standing some distance away, exclaimed, "Hey, cool autumn shot!" ... thinking I was uploading a picture of fall foliage with a river running below. Do you see it? No?

OK. Try this. Get up from where you are sitting and step back about 5 feet. Now, move to the right about 8 to 10 feet. Keep looking at the image on your monitor. Do you see it now? You need to view the image from an angle to see the optical illusion. Cool, huh? :)

Pattern coming soon.


fracksmom said...

I see it, without walking away. so are you doing a 1 for 1 for your 60 days.

digifigi said...

That would be late fall with just a touch of snow. It's beautiful!