Monday, May 25, 2009

the pursuit of happiness

Mr. Dee spoke with a veteran who was collecting funds for the VFW. "People today don't understand," the vet explained to Mr. Dee, "up to 250 American soldiers were buried daily in the Netherlands alone, in the peak of conflict in Europe during World War II. We fought hard, and many died. One battle directed by General Patton cost the US 35,000 soldiers." The vet was 87 years old with a memory as sharp as a tack. He went on. "I was recently interviewed for a program that will be on the History channel. America shouldn't forget. America should remember."

Mr. Dee shook his hand and thanked him for serving his country.

And the vet is right. We should remember. The freedom we enjoy today did not come free. It cost lives. Many, many lives. And it is still costing lives. Remember those who served and gave their lives so that we can enjoy the pursuit of happiness. And, when you see a vet -- not just today -- but everyday, take a moment and say "
Thank You!"

My mother is visiting from Florida. I wanted to surprise her with a belated Mother's Day gift. I took out two hanks of Skinny Dyed organically grown cotton yarn. One was a dark blue, the other in mint. Mini~Dee helped me wrap the first hank into a ball of yarn, and Grammie Gloria helped me wrap the other. Then, as we sat and talked, using my Go Green T-shirt Bag pattern, I set to work.

Soon, my mother decided her long wait to watch the movie "Marley & Me" with her grandkids was over. We popped the movie into the DVD player and got comfortable. By the end of the movie my project was done. I handed it to my mother. "Happy Mother's Day," I exclaimed.

She smiled. "Wow! That was fast!" She ran her hands over my stitches.

"I know you know I crochet," I said, "I thought it might have more meaning if you got to watch it grow from two hanks into a bag before your very eyes -- you know, to have something NOT made in China, but more like something made in America, or in this case, something made at Grammie Gloria's ..."

She hugged her bag. "I love it!," she exclaimed.

Mr. Dee came over to examine the bag and wanted to explain to her the idea of perhaps inserting a sleeve on the inside. She playfully slapped at him to stay away from her bag. "Oh, no you don't, this is my bag!" she laughed. Then she ran out of the room with Mr. Dee giving chase.

"But Mom, wait, let me explain!" he pleaded.

"No! I don't want you stretching out my bag," she said. This went on for several minutes. Everyone was laughing.

"Look at those too," Mini~Dee said to Dee Jr. "And they call us kids!"

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