Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's: A Contest

It's St. Patrick's Day, a day when all get to wear a bit of green and be Irish for a day. So I thought, what better than to have a little contest to celebrate both National Crochet Month AND St. Patrick's Day!

How to enter:
Create a limerick about crochet and leave it either as a comment here, or you can email it to me. Deadline is midnight (ET) on Friday, March 20th. A limerick is a 5-line poem, and the following is my attempt:

With yarn and hooks all strewn about,
a deep closet crocheter no doubt.
With a knock on the door
she/he learned there were more,
"You are not alone," is what they shout.
You can learn more about limericks here.

My children will be the judges, and one lucky winner will receive these shamrock earrings I designed/crocheted up last night using beautiful "Muse" yarn by Zaol, with milky pearl white bead inserts, mounted on sterling silver french wires. (display stand not included)

UPDATE: For those interested in the crochet pattern for the Shamrock Earrings, it is now available as a free PDF on my website.


JustCindy said...

Very cute!

P. Harper said...

There once was a crocheter named Dee
Who started to teach for a fee.
When asked "are you busy?"
She was all in a tizzy
And was flown to a conference for free.

CrochetWithDee said...

I love it, Pat!
... and there's truth to that!
It changed my life -- forever!

PS: looking forward to seeing you @ the Conference :)

Karmasmom said...

There once was a lady from Burton
Whose hobby made her hands a-hurtin'
She crocheted night and day
Wore the skin clean away...
Now she's even too tired for flirtin!!

Karmasmom said...

Thanks for having the limiric contest-I had not done one of these since high school! AND we won't let on how LONG ago that was will we!?

CrochetWithDee said...

This entry is from Roxanna, via email:
There once was a girl from Ohio
Who hooked in the crocheting style
Too much yarn in her stash
So off she must dash
To the store, to buy more, with a smile.

CrochetWithDee said...

This entry is from Avis, via email:
Ah, tis yarn that I love so much,
With it's soft and comforting touch.
But alas, so many patterns and so little time
So I crochet faster as I write this silly rhyme.

CrochetWithDee said...

This entry is from Diane, via webform:
There once was a young girl name Fay
Who wanted to learn to crochet
She joined Crochet Partners
Had plenty of fun
And learned to crochet!