Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crocheters and Their Toys

Ever since the announcement for the location of the National CGOA Convention I have been itching to work up some new crochet designs. I want to create some new items for me, as well as for the classes I will be teaching. Then there's the Design Contest, and also the Fashion Show to consider. Sometimes, though, my sketches look little more than doodles; I have always wished I could draw better.

My family, knowing this, gave me a really cool gift for my birthday and today I finally broke it out and started playing with it. It's a book called, "The Handbag Design Sketch Book." It's part of a series by Project Runway.

While I do have some drawing abilities (meaning I'm an expert at drawing stick-figures), I am soooo loving this gift! Oh, the time it will save me! It has nearly every possible shaped bag one can imagine, complete with a variety of handle options! Now I'm having a blast, coloring away with various crochet stitches & techniques in mind! --And, I can't help but want to put the Project Runway Fashion Design Sketchbook on my Wish List! And according to Amazon, there's a Project Runway Fashion Design Projector Kit too -- I wonder how that works?!

Gee, I feel like a kid today -- one lucky kid who is going to have even more fun with her crochet designing! :)

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JustCindy said...

Couldn't you have gave us a tiny sneak peak? ;o