Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dinner Conversation

My children like to look over my shoulder while I'm on the Internet, checking out my world of crochet. Tonight was just like any other time, except, well, let me tell the story:

There I was, checking out how the traffic to my blog and website are doing when I noticed a huge spike in visitors. Now, while I like visitors, I also happen to like to know what is bringing people to me, and tonight it was a conversation on Crochetville about one of my patterns.

This got my children to inquire about what my favorite type of crochet is. Truthfully, I don't know if I have a favorite. After all, I now have 120 Types listed, and have tried nearly all of them. How can I be asked to pick just one to love?

OK, said my children, then tell us which is your least favorite to do!

Least favorite? Impossible! I love them all, I exclaim!

And then they started naming them:
I love it.
I love it.
I love it.
Rabbit? I never heard of Rabbit! You're making that one up!
I love it.
Love it too.

And on they went. And this got me to thinking that perhaps you, readers, might have favorite crochet techniques, or perhaps not so favorite. If so, please share your thoughts. ... and, ahem, if you know of the Rabbit, let me know.


Astaryth said...

Favorite crochet? That's easy! I like patterns with a lot of repetition. Once I figure out the 'pattern' for a piece, I should be able to completer the project from memory. So, for instance, once I get the first few rows done of an afghan (or scarf, or whatever) done it should then say something like: Repeat rows x to x this many times. Why? Because I usually crochet while watching TV (or a Movie) and I like to be able to do whatever project I am working on and still be able to pay enough attention to the TV to know what is going on. ;p

Sandie said...

I don't like the popcorn stitch and never use it. I don't like anything that tells me to take the hook out and put it back in. It takes too long. I am not a big fan of the hdc, though I do use it occasionally. I don't really work pieces that are ALL hdc. My favorite stitch is the dc. It's a great all around stitch. I like the V stitch and the inverted V stitch too. Those are not techniques though, are they... But that what I like anyway. LOL

dhalpern3 said...

Are you're kids thinking of "ribit, ribit"? Also known as frogging?
It can be a favorite if it gets rid of that "mistake" fast.