Monday, February 16, 2009

All Knotted Up

Going to the beach today was ruled out, 1 to 4. How can that be fair that one out rules four? When it's an upset stomach. Mine. Ugh.

Rather than let the day go to waste, Mr. Dee has been tinkering with the television. We don't subscribe to any of those paid TV services (satellite, cable, etc) so we, or rather HE, is trying to figure out if we'll be needing one of those digital converter boxes. All I know is if he can pull in The Knit and Crochet Show, that would totally rock!

As for my accomplishments today? I have been in knots. Not just my stomach, but actual knots -- known as the world of macrame. I managed (with the assistance of Dee Jr.) to make my own macrame board (a huge one to attempt garment making), along with working on getting the new Ravelry group, Macrame: All Knotted Up, up and running.

If you think macrame is only for plant hangers, think again. Check out this stunning necklace that combines macrame with beading and crochet: ... I think it's stunning!

And then check out the sweaters by am_tm_mitsuko ... be sure to flip through the photos for an eye full of inspiration! :)


bellystitch said...

Hi Dee. I hope your husband gets everything to work out for you to see Knit and Crochet Today. If not, did you know that the public television station in Detroit has all of the shows archived on their site? I hope things work out. My husband is still tweeking ours he says.

Sheila said...

I will definitely be checking out the macrame stuff! I learned the basics many years ago when I was in Campfire Girls. Back then, they gave us what were probably, ceiling tiles for boards and T-pins. I still remember how to make the knots. Tried to teach my niece several years ago but she wasn't fully interested. I now have a cork board for working on it. It has been tucked away for some years now but I kept it anyhow thinking " day..." My personal want is to make jewelry.
Thank you for the info!
Happy early birthday, my friend! I'm sorry that the beach trip didn't quite work out but did you REALLY want to go in the Winter? If I could I'd send you a nice 65 degree day like one that was bestowed upon me for my birthday last week.
Love and hugs,