Thursday, September 4, 2008

Packed Up & Ready to Go!

It's some 90+ degrees outside and although I'm hotter than melted butter on popcorn, I'm smiling.  I just finished packing up my hot cinnamon candy mobius, the "crochet your knit" vest, and the Sweet Swinging Pineapple Skirt my daugher wore on the CGOA Fashion Show runway -- all  to be delivered to the Eastern States Exposition, the ninth largest state fair in the United States.  All three items have already won Blue Ribbons elsewhere, but this is not why I have choosen to enter these three items.

I entered the mobius to show that even with the most basic of stitches, in this case the single crochet and chains, can create beautiful stitch patterning.  I chose to enter the vest to further promote that crochet has another side to it.  And I chose the skirt to show what one can do with doily patterns.   I am hoping these three items will inspire someone to pick up a crochet hook for the first time, or to pick it up again after a long hiatus.  :)

The fair starts next Friday, September 12th (which just happens to be INTERNATIONAL CROCHET DAY!), and runs for three weeks.  My CGOA Chapter will be there demonstrating on what is known as Connecticut Day in the New England State Building.  For more information visit


Anonymous said...

Great reasons for selecting what to enter in the fair!
All those garments are gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

I have made m any knitted mobeiuses or is it mob- i? but never a crocheted one.  Is this a pattern that will appear in a book?