Monday, September 8, 2008

60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge Update

I am absolutely amazed that we have over 71 participants for this challenge over on Ravelry! And I am thrilled we have returning participants ... people like Sandie, Tracie, Jane and Melanie

This being the first completed week we're off to a roaring start with 10 scarves already completed!  Some will be going to the Special Olympics, some to local homeless shelters, and to local Salvation Army centers.  I can't wait to see what we do this week, and who the scarves will be pledged to!  :)

Thus far, I have one scarf completed for the challenge.  I'm calling it "Doublemint" because it's two sided (the picture on the right is the swatch I created to show what the technique looked like):


Sorry, no pattern available at this time. I will state that the scarf was inspired after assisting someone on Ravelry. It's amazing where one will find inspiration!


Anonymous said...

The scarf is amazing!!!!  I will pledge 5 scarves to the Laurel House a Homeless Shelter Organization in Stamford that has personally helped a good friend .. They do amazing work.  When are your classes beginning at Stitch In Time ?  I have a good friend in Stamford who wants to learn to Crochet. I can not teach her since i am left-handed. Thank You !!!!  Shelley Senker

Sandie said...

Was a pattern ever written up for the Doublemint (9/8/2008 post), Dee?