Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Moooving Along With the Herd

I spent a fantastic day visiting with my Auntie, and with my Mom (who is up from Florida) today.  I come home and find an email notification that AOL will be closing down it's website and blog (journal) services.  YIKES!!!

Therefore, along with the rest of AOLers in my shoes, I'll be needing a new place to roost.  And QUICK!

Recommendations are greatly needed! 

I'll be keeping the dot coms so finding the new sites will be easy ... but I will need to figure out how to save years worth of blog entries, and get a new website up and running before October 31st.

This means blog posts here will be much, much fewer until I can find some new digs.

So please, if you have recommendations on where I should move both my blog AND website, please let me know ASAP!!

Many thanks,


sandiept said...

Hi Dee, I have my Crochet Cabana and my husband's blog, and my author site  hosted at site 5.

The reason we chose to go with a paid site is because I kept running out of space and had to keep moving the site. they have several deals going on so you might check and see which one fits you best if you are interested in going with them. The current one ends soon if I read it right. You can get first month for $1.

I had my blogs there at one time and they are actually still on the server, but when I lost everything (not their fault but my html program) I decided to go with an online service. I save all my entries in Publisher and hope to one day print them at lulu or some place like that. I have hundreds of pages. I've been saving them for a long time though.

My  main Crafty Corral and Shifting Winds are at blogger. I do periodic updates at xanga and I have a yahoo 360 which I can't figure out how to delete so I wouldn't go with them, and I tried Wordpress but found it too complicated for my little brain - though very pretty.

I know there are many other places too. That is just my experiences.

dweed81756 said...

I have my own blog on WWW.BLOGGER.COM.  


sandiept said...

Dee, I was just going through the blogs I follow and the great majority are at blogger with a sprinkling of wordpress and typepad. Just fyi. That is blogs, not web sites.

astaryth said...

I've had a 'mirror' blog over at Blogger for some time. http://adventuresofaneclecticmind.blogspot.com/
I've been doing a 'copy' of each of my journal entries over there for some time. I've had a bad feeling about journals every since the banner fiasco. I guess unfortunately my fears were well founded.

They are saying they are setting up a way to migrate your current AOL journal entries over to Blogger with ease. Supposedly they will be sending out an e-mail explaining it on the 7th or so. They do recommend  that you don't set up a blog using the name you want as during the migration process they will be asking you to name your journal and if the name is already used (even by you) it won't be available. They have limited info on this over at Magic Smoke today.

I'm pretty good with Blogger. If you check out my link above you will see that I created my header, background, etc. It's not a 'generic' template, but one I modified to look the way I wanted. If you need any help, feel free to drop me an e-mail.