Friday, January 4, 2008

Guesting for Dee

Hi Folks,
Well Dee was brave enough to let me have a go at her lovely site!  Hope I don't mess it up too badly!  lol
I'm Nancy from NLS Stitches ( and I belong to the same local Crochet Guild of America chapter as Dee.  She's taught me a lot in the 6 months I've been a member.  Super neat, super nice lady, but her kids and I still need to have a rematch at the snowball fights! :D  The kids say they won,(of course! [tongue in cheek]), I say I won.  We'll let her be the final judge and referee. Better watch out Dee, a bad decision could mean you're in the mix!!!!  {VBG}
I just picked up most of the yarn I need to make my 6yr old her own Jane Sneddon Peever sweater. (more pics of patterns at my site) She loves the Double Feature pattern I made for her two nephews last year, and I finally have the time to get hers made for her. It's from Peever's second book, More Crocheted Aran Sweaters, from Martingale Company.  Of course, the majority of it has to be in pinks.  (what is it with little girls and the color pink?!?!  I'm beginning to understand why my granny really did not like that color!!!) Besides the neat patterns in this book, I love the fact that multiples of the stitch patterns are given, and sizing charts are included.  I've switched yarns a few times doing these patterns, and had no problems getting a good fit because of that.
I'm also participating in my first ever crochet-along, doing a Cluster Hooded Scarf by Peter Franzi of Hookerbear Creations at  Peter was kind enough to make this pattern available as his Christmas present to any interested in Crochet Partners at Yahoo Groups.  I like his patterns!  Lots and lots of texture! ~ My favoritest way to crochet. :D   I started my scarf yesterday, and I only have one side of the hood left to do, then stitch up the center seam, and viola, my scarf will be done!  Sorry, my picture doesn't do this pattern justice.  Check out Peter's site for a better look.  In my picture, the scarf ends are folded over onto each other at the bottom of the picture, and the middle/upper part is the almost-finished hood.  And wouldn't you know it, just when I'm about ready to wear it, the temp is going up into the 50's this weekend!!!!  That's my kind of luck.  LOL

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