Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"... a lifetime ago ..."

I took the laptop with me yesterday afternoon so I could put together my summer class schedule as I awaited in the parking lot for my children.  I found it peaceful being the only one there; listening to the birds' concert, the neighborhood dogs adding in the bass; and an occasional truck driving by that added just the right amount of "rumble."  The sounds all remind me of the pattern that a variegated yarn makes; sometimes the pattern repeats.  Sometimes it's random.  Still, though, no matter how it works up, it's pretty.  Maybe it's time I picked up a skein or two of a variegated yarn and work something up with it; something for charity.  I'll have to see what I have in my stash first.  ((grins))

So, as you all know, my Mother is in town.  I'll see her again on Wednesday.  She leaves on Friday.  The last time we saw her was three years ago.  "That's a lifetime ago," says my son.  "Remember, Mom?  The last time Nana was here was when I was a baby." 

Funny how our perspectives are different.  I still see him as "my baby."  He sees himself as a mature six-year-old.  No matter; it's been a long time since our last visit, and as I've stated in another entry; she's here to celebrate her big birthday.  The big, well, I won't say.  Let's just say she's of legal age for drinking.  ((chuckles)) 

She has no idea of what I have planned for her birthday!  No, no surprise party.  She knew about her party; that was this past Sunday and the cause for my grogginess on Monday.  First, because I know she'll try to stay awake for every moment she humanly can in order to absorb as much time with all of us here in Connecticut, I'm going to give her some Mary Kay dark eye diminisher.  (I love the stuff!)  Then I plan on taking her out for a girls day out ... simple stuff, really.  Start with a manicure and then ... yeah, end up at the Bethel shop; one of the places I enjoy teaching at.  I'm going to let her have full run of the place, let her stock up on any needle point canvas' and thread she falls in love with, and also let her pick out whatever yarn she wants. 

You only turn 60 once, (oh gee!  Did I let that slip? Darn!) so I want to help her celebrate it right.  If I had more time, I'd have sent this link on over to the shop and ask the owner if she can make this "cake" and have it ready for her.  Do you all like the idea?  You can all make me this cake next year!  LOL  Of course, she doesn't have a clue about this, so SHHHHHHH!  Let's keep this a surprise! 

I do plan on teaching my mother the Tunisian technique -- so she can mix her two passions together!  All-in-all, it should make for a great day!  :) 

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