Monday, May 2, 2005

"Pretty in White"

It was a beautiful ceremony; and she was as pretty as a Princess! To the left is an upclose image of the Rosary she crocheted last year (no pattern!) and won a Blue Ribbon for in the Junior's Division. To the right you'll see a cropped image of the crocheted items she wore during the ceremony.

Mind you, she wasn't the only little girl wearing crochet! There was another little girl in the pew right in front of us with a crocheted poncho on ... of course I couldn't help but study it! LOL ... I think it was hand made, with double crochets, every third row or so was sprinkled with pretty sequins. The little girls' poncho was tiered - two pieces - a long triangle shape with a circle on the top. Hard to describe, but very striking.

Nope, I didn't crochet the beaded handbag. One of the members of the HHCC did, then won a ribbon for it, and placed it up for auction. That was over some two years ago. I fiercely bid on it to ensure I'd have it for this special day! The cape my daughter has on here was done using the Hairpin Lace technique. No pattern -- yet! :)

(To protect my daughter's identity, I will not be showing full images.  I appreciate my readers understanding of this. Thank you!)


Anonymous said...

This is awesome... Wow Dee she is gorgous.  She is precious.  thanks for sharing. ~Janet

Anonymous said...

The rosary looks beautiful as does the cape!  What nice personal touches to a special day.  

Anonymous said...

Glad you both made it through okay and you did a very nice job on her nails! (I noticed!)  Everything is just beautiful, Dee!!!  Gosh, she looks beautiful even if I can't see her face (I fully understand the reasons for that).  Wow!  Sheila

Anonymous said...

What wonderful heirlooms she will now have for her own daughter some day!! Looks like the day turned out beautifully! ANd, I totally understand not showing her face.. you can never be too careful

Anonymous said...

How beautiful ! It must have been a very special day. I have never seen a crocheted rosary before... I wonder where I could find a pattern for one?  Sandra at Happy Days

Anonymous said...

That is really a stunning ensemble! She looked absolutely gorgeous. You must be proud of her.  :-)