Saturday, June 12, 2004

So I hit a Speed Bump

You know how it is, you've got your groove going, got a time-table in mind, minding your business, perhaps singing a song or two when suddenly things change.  I hit a  speed bump while reaching for my goal of completing my projects when I was at work today.

I went to work at the ever beautiful yarn store known as Knit Together -- it's an absolute pleasure, don't get me wrong!  It's just that I get so excited when I get to see all the new fibers that came in during the week ... and the mind starts to brainstorm, which I advised yesterday is trouble a brewin'.

You want to look at this one, and touch that one.  Then put this one with that one and see how they look together ... or perhaps side-by-side.  Then you start to think about the size hook it would take to make a fabric with a drape to die for.  And before you know it, you've got newly adopted goodies coming on the ride home with you.  (You know how it is, new fibers are born to be wild -- always looking for adventure! )

I did warn my students taking the Absolute Beginner crochet class today that this is what happens when you get YAS: Yarn Acquisition Syndrome.  It's the same with HAS: Hook Acquisition Syndrome, and the same with PAS: Pattern Acquisition Syndrome.  And lately with GAS: Gadget Acquisition Syndrome.  Controlling these syndromes is nearly impossible; but, it is highly enjoyable.

I'm proud to state that I controlled myself today, but for how long?  I left with no new treasures today as I know I have seven days.  Seven days to complete the bridal projects, and no time to take on a new one.

I sense that my mind is still in Stamford at this moment, compairing, touching, dreaming of future projects.  It's a small speed bump in my time frame, but I can handle it.

After all, it's only seven days we're talking about.  It's a week.  I can finish them in a week, right???


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