Saturday, June 5, 2004

And so, a LEGEND is born...

Alright, you got me, a legend wasn't born, but apparently it is growing! 

I went to the Bridal Shower -- which took me an hour and a half to find (I actually ended up being "delivered by a DHL driver" because I was soooo lost!!!) -- and to make a long story short -- the bride said she loved the Garter Belt I crocheted (I gave $$ also as my gift to her).  Unfortunately, I did not finish the FF money bag, or the Amulet bag ... which is fine.  I spoke with the bride to tell her that these two items are still coming, but I wanted to know if she wanted me to add in the color black as I did for the garter (as the wedding party colors are black & white) ... so she thought about it and said she'd like them both to be done in white.  Now I'm wondering if I should also include a ring bearer's pillow too.  I have until Father's Day as that will be the next time I see her.

Getting to the legend, apparently in the hour and a half I took to tour the state of Connecticut looking for the location of the Bridal Shower, a discussion was going on about the hat I "whipped up" for my niece this past weekend.  When I arrived, many approached me and inquired about this "15-minute miracle" and said they thought it was amazing and resourceful to be able to do such a nice thing.  I must admit that I was flattered, and had to set the record straight.  It took 16 minutes.  LOL   No, really, it didn't.  It took longer than that.  Maybe close to 45 minutes.  But the best part of the story, as I worried if I had made the hat too big, is that apparently I made it just right!  It fit the baby perfectly  (YES!!!!)   ...and in fact, the baby had worn it to the Bridal Shower, so I got to see for the first time myself, how it fit.

BTW, what made me get so lost?  MapQuest.  MapQuest sent me left instead of right and that did me in.  Otherwise it would have only taken 15 minutes, or 9 miles, whichever comes first, to get there.  I was quite upset and about togive up, when thankfully a handsome DHL driver showed up and offered to assist me.  I followed his bright yellow & red truck to the location I should have already been at; and I even brought him in the reception room to have him say "Hi" and "prove" that next time I'm slapping a delivery sticker on my forehead and am having myself "shipped" to the next family function.  (LOL -- not really, but it's fun to think of such an option!)

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Anonymous said...

You sure have been quite busy with your projects.  I like your pun about the delivery sticker.  It is hilarious.  In all honesty, I am sorry you got lost that day.