Thursday, June 17, 2004

Counting on Crochet

If you are a Crocheter, then you must also be a good counter.  Don't worry if math was not your strongest subject in school; it is now!

Let's examine all the counting we crocheters do on a regular basis:

We count chains, stitches, and rows.  We count our skeins, our crochet hooks, and our pattern collections.  This does not account for any adjustments within the actual patterns to fit our needs, so I guess you can say that that's more counting.  

What? Granny squares; motifs? How many are we talking?  Hmmm.  Better count those up!

If it's a project with a deadline and someone is counting on you to finish it, that's accountability (aka, more counting). 

If it's a project that you're not too fond of then this means you're counting the days until it's finished.  And well, if it's a project you'd rather just stash away until a rainy day, one day your great-great grand children are going to ask you just how long ago you stashed it away.  Quick, go ahead and count up the years it's been sitting ...

We do more counting as we add up the cost of the skeins, hooks and patterns we buy at the store, and on the Internet.  It's called money ... and we stimulate the economy with it.  Yes, that's right, we count the cash as it's handed over to the cashier too.

Are you getting better with your math skills yet?  Don't worry, we have more counting to do.

The next phase of our counting is that of our stash locations.  You know, the public ones, the private ones.  If you have seven 90-gallon totes filled and buy more yarn, how many totes does that make?  That's right.  It makes ten.  You had to go out & buy more totes today, didn't you?

So with this stash you have, you know, the private one.  When you drew out the map to remember where it's all located, you did count the steps it takes to get to it, right?  And we can also count the amount of times that we "left it in the trunk of the car" so our significant others wouldn't see us bringing it into the house (as for sure they will count the number of bags!).  And we can also count the number of times we left it at a friend's house, or better yet, on hold at the LYS until it was a good time to sneak it in.

Now, with all those receipts, do you dare add it up? Oh, no.  That's not our job.  We save that for the Accountant. 

The best counting with crocheting, is the counting of the heartfelt Thank You's from family, friends, coworkers, and charities for the gifts we lovingly create for them one stitch at a time.  If you are a Crocheter, then you know how good it feels to be a counter.  This is the type of math that may not have been your strongest subject in school, but means more to you and your heart now.  :)


(Did someone just say they're crocheting for twins?  Well, now, that's different.  That's called multiplying, and that's a whole different topic!)

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