Monday, April 5, 2004

Warning: Website "Lifting"

For those of us that spend hours upon hours building our websites to reflect our personalities, hobbies and such, please take heed of this warning!

While I was surfing the Internet to see all the sites of which were linked to me (by the way, Thank You Very Much; I'm VERY Flattered!) I did find a website that had "lifted" my website -- and I promptly notified AOL who hosts my website.!!  Since then, I see that the "duplicate" website has been removed from the Internet (TG!)

I did check out the duplicate site, and apparently it had all my links & such, and apparently no harm was done.  But, if this can happen to me, then certainly it can happen to others...and in case you haven't noticed yet, there's a lot of creeps out there mixing crochet searches with smut.  So it's always good to surf the net and check out who is linking to you, and how your page is listed.  In my book, it's time well spent.

Whew!  Now with this off my chest, I can get back to designing a very special Mother's Day bookmarker! :)


Anonymous said...

There are too many jerks out there! You'd think they would want to make their own page. How do you check to see who linked to your page? Do just type the name of your page in Google?

Anonymous said...

When you do your search, do it under your website name (in my case it would be CrochetWithDee), with and without the .com part. You'll also want to search using your name, and various "topics" it should appear under when a general search is done.

I do this about once a month, and spend up to 4 hours searching -- just to be on the safe side. Obviously, this time, it was time well spent!

I hope this helps.