Saturday, April 3, 2004

Bell of the Ball?

...well, not exactly! 

Last night I did volunteer work at my kids school (Bingo night) by working on the floor.  While the game was going I stood at the front of the room and worked on a bookmarker I'm designing.  The rest of the workers were men.

Two of them took interest in what I was doing; one asked about the business aspect of working for yourself (since I teach), and the other inquiried about historical aspects as he has fond memories of his Great Grandmother "doing this" and still has two "heavy" afghans she had created.  It was quite fun to share this information with them.

As I stolled the asiles to confirm winners & hand them the prize money, I received many wonderful compliments about the scarf I was wearing (Berroco eyelash mixed with the Berroco Candy FX with an N hook).  Then, towards the last hour, one of the bingo participants approached me and explained to me that she has trouble crocheting in the round.  I gave her my business card and hope to hear from her in the future. :)

Overall, it turned out to be a great opportunity to quietly promote crochet.

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