Friday, April 16, 2004

Too Delicious

I'm sure you've shopped at a yarn store or local craft shop where yarn just leaped off the shelves screaming "ADOPT ME!!" or "TAKE ME HOME WITH YOU!!" and you do!   ... this is a phonemonom that apparently I cannot excape! 

No matter how hard I try ... I close my eyes; I put my hands over my ears; I run.  But to no avail.  By the time I'm by the front register, my basket is full of ever-so-delicious goodies that are just too scrumptious to put back on the shelf!

So my latest "Adopties" are two different colored ribbon yarns by Fantasy Manetto Hill Yarnery, and one ball of Berroco's "Suede."  I plan on crocheting myself two shawls with the ribbon yarns, and a simple bag out of the suede.  (I'm having fun looking through books to select various stitch patterns for the two shawls, and will "just wing it" for the bag.)

Of course I'm a gluttant for punishment as I will be inviting this phonemonom to strike again by visiting a new yarn shop in my area sometime in the next week (or should that be spelled "weak" since I cannot seem to say "NO!" to these yarns wanting to come home with me???).  

Who knows what I'll come home with next!!  (Hmmm, that reminds me, I'll need to find new stashing places for these little babies until I'm ready to use them!)  LOL

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