Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Requesting Changes

I had read a note by Gwen Blakley Kinsler about how she wrote to Patternworks to request that they change the cover of their catalog from addressing just knitters to addressing knitters AND crocheters ... and they DID! 

So when I got the latest issue of Berroco's enews, I decided that I'd write to the editor and request a change from greeting just knitters to greeting knitters AND crocheters -- AND since the editor is located in a nearby state, I also offered her crochet lessons in the event she didn't know how. 

I'm tickled to announce that the editor responded, and WILL be making the change, and will also be taking me up on my offer to help her improve upon her crocheting skills! 

So, in honor of National Crochet Month, if you see something addressed to just knitters and think Crocheters can benefit too, don't be afraid of writing to the company asking that they include us!  :)


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful! A triumph for crocheters everywhere! ;)

Anonymous said...

I got my Patternworks catalog, and noticed the change too. Thanks Dee!

Anonymous said...

Saturday, I went to my LYS, which mostly has kntting items. They do have some crochet hooks, though, I they want to get more crcohet items. I offered to help them with this, make samples, and even, teach.

We'll see what happens.