Monday, March 15, 2004

Nero Cording; worth drooling over

The owner of the store, A Stitch in Time, located in Bethel, CT, asked me to create something out of some Nero cording she just received.  She said she didn't care what it was -- she just needed something to put on display to show what can be done with it.

For a few days I let it sit on top of my new 10-drawer chest (a gift from my dh to help me keep my crochet treasures organized) for a few days.  Each time I passed it, I looked at and stroked it...wondering what I should create.

I thought I could make toe-thongs, but that would be hard to display.  Plus, you can get them at the local mall for $6 a pair.  Then I thought I could work up a necklace, or a watch band ... really, this thought decision was tough as I only had one skein!

So I decided to put the vote out one day to an online group I belong to.  It's called Crochet Partners -- with over 2500 members.  As I was writing the post, my ds suggested I create one of my Treasure Bags with it.  So I mentioned that in the post too.  The response was great -- almost all the posts agreed with my son.  So I did.

I sat down with an F hook and went to town!  I couldn't believe how it striped up.  I did alter my pattern; I elongated it and finished it off with the Exchange Stitch.  Then I stuck an old pair of sunglasses inside and delivered it to the store owner.

She loved it!  I told her I put the old pair of sunglasses inside to deter any, um, lightfingers (is that a good way to put it?) from claiming them.  I ended up getting a skein of the Nero cording for myself and hope to make my own "Sunglass Treasure Bag" by the end of the week. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Dee! Nice blog! I love your Treasure Bags.

~ Donna
Yarn Tomato