Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened Along The Way ...

Ever get distracted while working on a project?  Did you do a *facepalm* once you discovered what happened to your project while you were distracted?  Be honest now, you've experienced this too?  Yes?  You are not alone!

Oops??  (Reading my crochet work)
Yes, even though I consider myself a well-seasoned crocheter, I do get distracted while working on a project now and then.  Sometimes it is a bad thing -- like tension going wonky.  Other times it could be the thinking, "I got this," and continuing the pattern (or rather what you think is the pattern) while getting absorbed in the movie you had on as "background noise" without stopping to ensure you're still following the proper instructions.

This is exactly what happened to me while working on Mia's Collar.  Hooboy.  In the image on the left is the comparison of my work vs the image from the pattern.  Do you see what I did? How did this happen??  If you follow me on my new Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CrochetingWithDee) then you already know.  For those that don't follow me there yet, I stated that fully intend to blame this on the scary 2012 movie "The Woman in Black."  Admittedly, I'm still a little freaked out over that movie!

wet-blocking my version of Mia's Collar
I did the math (number of rows x number of increases I should have had), and decided to let the pattern deviation stand. Otherwise I'd curl up in the corner with my bottle of Tylenol and repeat "Rip it" a million times over...

Would this approach work for all patterns?  The answer is no.  Especially if you were creating a fitted garment.  And, let me be very clear about this -- usually errors/pattern deviations eat yarn!   In my case, this is a "collar" which could also be considered a short shawl or wrap, and I had plenty of yarn to play with.  So for me, this time, my booboo didn't make as big of an impact on my project as it could have.  Whew!

Now that my project is in the wet-blocking stage I am already thinking of giving the Mia pattern another try.  If I do, I think I'll stick to playing one of the Star Trek series in the background.  ;)

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