Monday, April 29, 2013

The 104th Connecticut Sheep & Wool Festival

Beautiful day at the 104th Connecticut Sheep & Wool Festival
Waking up early is always a battle for this self-proclaimed night owl, but with the aroma of coffee in the air I managed to get up early, and got out the door fairly early this past Saturday morning.  We were off to the 104th Connecticut Sheep & Wool Festival that turned out to be a beaut-i-ful spring day!

TuckerWoodsYarn I couldn't resist adopting.

Joining up with other members of my CGOA Chapter, we set up our booth displaying a wide variety of crochet projects we created out of natural fibers; wool, alpaca, cotton, and so on.  The crocheted projects that seemed to be a hit this year were felted crochet (a purse), and a scarf (crocheted with the "seed" stitch) that had a woven look to it.  Our demonstrations on Tunisian crochet and crocheting with unspun roving were also a hit.  In fact, I just received this compliment via email from one of the visitors to our booth:
Heavenly roving by SheepShed
"Saw you at the CT Sheep and Wool festival yesterday. You showed my Mother and I how to crochet with unspun fiber. Bought some [roving] while we were there and tried it today....what fun; you were right. Thanks, Melissa
Thanks Melissa!  I love when we hear back from visitors from our booth!  :)

When I wasn't in the booth, I was out enjoying seeing all the animals (there was even a bunny on a leash out for a stroll!), and looking at all the eye-candy at the various vendor booths.  I treated myself to two three new goodies:
Giraffe bag by StitchedbyJessa
1. Beautiful "blue" merino/teucel roving from that I used for demonstrating with throughout the day (in fact, many of my Chapter members went & bought some for themselves too!)

2. A skein of hand-painted sock yarn by -- perhaps to be worked into the collar from the "Heros, Hooks & Heirloom" book I mentioned the other day.

3. A project bag by -- naturally I went with the giraffe theme bag (how could I not? lol).  It was the perfect size to hold my roving, my project, and my crochet hook!

This was a great kickoff for the 2013 Sheep & Wool Festival/Fair season and I'm looking forward to attending more!  :)

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