Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't Discount the Discounts!

Who doesn't like to save money? Me! Ha, I'm kidding! I'm known for finding great deals, especially when it comes to crochet!

First, I utilize my CGOA Discounts whenever I can. Recently I bought some 90 crochet hooks through -- they will be utilized for a future workshop my Chapter will be having. Not only were the hooks on sale, but I also used my CGOA discount, saving an additional 15% off my order. ... and I was really happy to discover that my CGOA discount also works for the AnniesAttic online classes! To see the list -- and learn how to activate the discounts, go to the CGOA's webpage, and under the Membership tab, log into the "Members Only" section; you'll find the instructions there.

Second, I went to the website and signed up for their VIP program. They mail you a little card, you bring it into the store with your CGOA membership card, and for the rest of the year you get an additional 10% off your purchases. This is an unadvertised perk of being a CGOA member!

Third, it pays to open your mouth and inquire. At a recent trip to Webs (yarn shop in Northamption, MA), one of our Chapter members asked if they give CGOAers a discount on purchases. The answer was yes ... 10% -- but not to be combined with any other discounts they offer.

Fourth, I utilize I use it to connect to various online stores I shop at. By using their links I save a little for my kids education (if you don't have kids, then you can save for grandchildren/nieces/nephews...) anywhere from 3% up to 10% (sometimes more. Thus far I've saved over $600 towards my kids education!)  Often times I find additional savings offers, like free shipping, or extra percentages off my purchases. The other day, when  Andrea was looking to buy a dress form from Joanns online store, she Tweeted that she was on the fence about paying so much for the shipping. I told her about Upromise; she signed up and found a free shipping code to use! Upromise has links to CafePress, Amazon, M&J Trimmings ... I think its worth looking into.

Today I went to Upromise, connected to CafePress and ordered a "I love Yarn Day" tote -- in the kiwi color. By going through Upromise I saved 8% (towards my kids college), and after using the code GR8FALL at CafePress, I saved $3.90 off my order (coupon expires today). The cool part is that my order also helped benefit the Warm Up America program. More info about the CYCA/Warm Up America program here:

Happy Savings!

Did you notice I didn't link to a single site?  That's my way of saying I have no affiliation with any of the discounters mentioned, other than being a proud member of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA). 

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