Monday, May 14, 2012

Fake Crochet

Want a closer look at "machine-made crochet?" Click onto image to enlarge.

I think it is amazing the amount of curiosity around "machine made crochet."  I have discussed this topic here several times, the last time being last summer: Crochet Machines?

Here it is, nearly a year later from that last blog post, and nothing has changed.  Crochet still remains one of the last fiber-art forms that must be made by human hands.  This means those little doilies you see in the craft stores for a dollar, to garments at Walmart to Macy's, they are all made by human hands -- NOT by machine.

The closest I've ever found is an oval table cloth, made of plastic, with the crochet pineapple motif stamped on it (see picture above).  I have owned this table cloth for about 10 (or more) years, and of yet to ever see another in-person.  From time to time I will bring it to crochet demonstrations I volunteer for to show the closest I've ever seen what a machine can produce. It's fake.  Want to see other samples of fake crochet?  Go to, click onto "images" and then search for "pvc crochet table cloth."


DaCraftyLady said...

You are right there is no "crochet machine" like in crocheters have it 1 womaness up... :P I love crochet although I do knit I prefer to crochet...~~Debb

Evelyn said...

My guess would be that someone (a human person) actually hand-crocheted a tablecloth and then they used it to make a mold that could turn out fake plastic versions of it. Interesting!

Suzann said...

I just bought a plastic tablecloth like yours at an estate sale. It's cool, but...fake! You're so right--crochet has to be done by hand.