Saturday, May 5, 2012

Best 25th Anniversary Gift - Evah!

Applewood crochet hook will make a full recovery.
This month marks the 25th year Mr Dee and I are together.  I don't think he had a clue back when he asked me out on that first date that his life (and home!) would eventually be consumed by crochet.  No, back then, I was working full-time while going to school full-time; every three months escaping reality by taking mini-holidays over extended weekends for some RnR.  Other days he helped fill my world with rides on his motorcycle, impromptu picnics, encouraging me to wind surf, and of course the snow skiing...

I know what you're thinking: "What's with the picture, Dee?  That's not so romantic!"

Oh, but isn't it??

When you spend 25 years with someone you get to know what pleases them most.  I was crushed -absolutely so! - when I opened my project bag and found my Brainsbarn custom crochet hook, crafted out of applewood from our own back yard -- broken!  I really love this crochet hook.

Mr Dee saw how distressed I was.  He said he, "...could rebuild him ... [he] has the technology..."  Yes, cue the theme music from the popular 1970s television show, The Six Million Dollar Man.  My hook was broken in half.  I put my trust in him and handed the hook over.

Late last night Mr Dee told me I could see my hook, that it will recover from this most unfortunate accident.  I was so happy.  This man, regardless of the many times he's tripped over my vast yarn stash, or had to push a project aside on the sofa so he could sit down, has been dragged to conferences, and volunteered to appear in a crochet video ...  just smiles through it all, knowing it makes me happy.  I am thrilled my hook has been repaired.  Now that I know he's a skilled crochet hook surgeon, I have a few more patients for him.  But that can wait; we have an anniversary to celebrate.  :)


SpringSplndr said...

Happy Anniversary! A whole quarter century! Congrats!

Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary, you two!! Many more years to you, too! :D

Now I know where to send my hooks for medical appts.!