Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Ewe'll Year!

Hey, 2012 has arrived!  And not only does it come with an extra day for crocheting (leap year!), it also marks my 8th year in blogging about my crochet/yarn/hook/book addictions!  Eight Years!  This year will also be the celebration of my 11th year of being a CGOA member -- and my 2nd year of giving a 1-Year CGOA MEMBERSHIP AWAY!!  How cool is that?  :)
Before I discuss the rules for the giveaway, lets briefly talk about New Year Resolutions.  Do you have any?  I have a few to share:

1. For 2012 I will no longer say, "I crochet."  This will be replaced with, "I hand-crochet."  This is an experiment to see if I can help heighten awareness that crochet remains one of the last remaining fiber art forms that must be made by human hands, regardless if seen at a discount store or at a high-end boutique. 

2. I will give up all grand-illusions of hand-crocheting (see, I'm using it already!) down my yarn stash.  I know I "burn" through yarn with many projects throughout any given year, so I will resume rewarding myself, regularly, with restocking with yarns I love.  Yes, I know this will create storage problems, but I'm thinking if I rip out the mattress' stuffing, I can replace it with yarn.  Mattresses casings should hold a whole 'lotta yarn!  If the family protests too much, I can always eye the box springs as a storage solution, right??

3. I want to yarn bomb something this year.  I have my eye on a location local to me and will investigate if this is something I can do without, well, you know, having to go to jail for "defacing public property."  That would be a real kill-joy!

4. I want to develop a rhythm for my blog posts here.  I know last year was not a great year for my posting regularly, and I want this year to be a better one.  So I'll work on that.

5. I want to keep track of how many MILEs of yarn I use this year.  I think it would be fun to say stuff like, "Yeah, last night I flew through the 1/4 mile-marker and it felt great!" or "I got 3 miles in the bag." Have you ever considered how many miles of yarn you crochet annually?  Me either.  So this should be fun.  LOL

Alright. Let's get to the CGOA MEMBERSHIP Giveaway.  The rules are below.  Please follow them to ensure your entry counts!  Good luck!  :)
The rules are simple:
1. Entries accepted from now until January 14, 2012, midnight, eastern time, by leaving comments at this Blog entry.
2. List your top 3 favorite Crochet Techniques. If you're not sure, visit my "Types & Techniques" page on my website,, for some ideas.  If you don't see your favorite listed there, then please describe yours as maybe you'll inspire someone else to learn it!  :)
3. Include if you are a current CGOA member or not.
4. Leave a way for me to contact you should your name be drawn as the winner. If I can't reach you, I'll need to have another name drawn. Winner will be announced on January 15th; the winner will receive a One-Year Membership to the CGOA!
I wish you all a happy, healthy, hand-crochet-filled New Year! :)


Marie/Underground Crafter said...

Happy New Year! This is a serious giveaway Dee. I'm not entering (already a member) but just want to say that my favorite techniques are Tunisian, granny square, and just fooling around with various stitch patterns.

Also, I love your resolution about the miles of yarn. I may have to try that out!

jmo said...

Every year I say "I really need to join the CGA this year" and then promptly neglect to do so, so I'd LOVE to have that taken care of for me, LOL.

My 3 favorite crochet techniques are slip stitch crochet, Tunisian, and amigurumi. I'm looking forward to further expanding my knowledge this year, as well as finishing up some long-term projects!
You can contact me via email at jenmo.makes(at)yahoo(dot)com - but I'll check back here after the 15th too!

Julie said...

Happy New Year Dee! I'd love to win a CGOA membership. My 3 favorite crochet techniques are:

Tunisian, mosaic crochet, and bead crochet. And I hope to do more jewelry making in 2012.

Linda said...

My 3 favorite crochet techniques: aran crochet; relief crochet and mosaic crochet.
I am a current member of CGOA since spring 2011.
You can reach me:

Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Happy New Year!

wickedcrochetlady said...

Tunisian, tunisian entrelac, freeform. Current member. Email
Denise Royal

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you blog again, and happy new year. I'm not a member of CGA, but it would be fun to explore what it has to offer. My three current favorite techiniques are foundation stitches -- fsc, fdc, fhdc; linked double crochet --I use it for the selvedge edge of a piece (thanks Vashti!); and top-down raglan styling -- I made my first one and I'm working on my second. I am LECrochets on Ravelry, and I'll check back here too.

melicity said...

Happy New Year, to you, too!

I would have to say that my favorite techniques are Tunisian, foundation single crochet (I just learned how to do this and I love it!), and just regular old double crochet. I made all 19 of my students scarves this year with double crochet. :)

I am not a member of the CGOA and would love to win this awesome prize! Should I win, I can be contacted at eyeore747(at)aol(dot)com

Margo said...

I like Tunisian crochet and all the different variations. I also like the foundation and linked stitches.

Linda Gibbs said...

Hi Dee!
I've lurked on your blog and pages for a little while and must admit that you are my crochet cheerleading role model :D. I hope to yarnbomb this year also - let's share when we accomplish this!

Thanks for offering such a magnificent giveaway. I am at the end of my CGOA membership year, and am not sure I will be able to afford to renew right away, so this chance comes at an opportune time for me.

My 3 favorite crochet techniques are relief crochet, tapestry crochet, and hyperbolic crochet.

You can reach me via my blog at

Thanks again!

byhooks4u said...

Happy New year..I would love to win a membership. I keep telling myself I need to join, but money being a little tight whenever I think about it. My favorite Handcrochet technique is it..Hobnob..didn't know that was what it was called until reading your blog, and anything made with form or Irish lace..Thanks so much for being so generous.

carmelvineyard said...


I just joined CGOA 6 months ago. My favorite three techniques are slip stitch, tunisian, and foundation stitches. I'm looking forward to trying double ended tunisian this year! :)

I am carmelvineyard on Ravelry, and will pop back by too. :)

barb said...

Thanks Dee for a chance to get this year's CGOA free. I am a member. My 3 favorite techniques are: Catherine Wheels, Granny Squares and Front/back posts. I hope to try a vest this year as my first piece of crochet clothing. In my family I am known as the babyghan suplier. Happy New Year.
Barbara said...
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Anne said...

Favorite Techniques:
1. Tunisian
2. Hairpin Lace
3. Bavarian Crochet

I'm not currently a member of CGOA. You can find me on Twitter and Ravelry as: knitsannechains or you can email me at chainingtapestries@gmaildotcom

Marytats said...

I like shell stitch, thread crochet, and crochet with beads. How generous of you to have this contest! I have found that crafters are wonderful people.
Mary in Indy

Susan M. said...

What a nice gesture! I enjoy bead crochet, Aran crochet and fulling. I am not a member of CGOA, yet. my e-mail is:

jacqui said...

Happy New Year! Thanks for doing this!
I am not a member of the CGOA and would LOVE to be! My favorite techniques (right now) are amigurumi, bead crochet & the good ol' granny square!

MareKnits said...

My favorite techniques are tunisian, broomstick and freeform. I am not a member of CGA but always think of joining. My email:

Rebecca McNulty said...

What a wonderful giveaway! I'm a current CGOA member. My favorite techniques are Tunisian, foundation single crochet, and linked stitches. You can contact me at ramhist (at) gmail (dot) com.

Maggi said...

Your resolution list is SO awesome. I love using the term "hand crochet", absolutely agree re: the yarn stash, blog posting and yarn bombing are always tops and I cannot wait to see how many miles you hook this year!

What an awesome giveaway, the Guild is so terrific, I am a current member. :)

My 3 fave techniques...hmmm...I love love love post stitches for making cables (they make everything look fancy, lol), amigurumi and felting. :D

DP said...

My favorite techniques are Intermesh, Camel Crochet and Crochet on a Roll.
I am not a current member of the CGOA.
I can be found on Ravelry as doobee60.

Krislyn said...

Hi! Found you and the blogiversary on Ravelry, so I thought I'd pop in to say 'hi'!

My three favorite techniques are croc stitch, amigurumis, and I've done a bit of thread crochet which is fantastic. So dainty and pretty!

My email is Ratattitude at hotmail dot com. :)

MysterJay said...

oooooh Exciting!
My 3 favorite crochet techniques are
1. Pineapple Crochet (love pineapples)
I am not a current member of CGOA, but would love to be!
You can reach me through me blog,or through Ravelry (my username is mysterjay)(and Ravelry s the better option... I am there everyday).

Wildfirev said...

I love your resolutions. ^_^

Thank you for putting on this contest again.

My three favourite techniques have to be amigurumi, knooking and burges. Technically it's ALL crochet, but you said I could only pick 3. ^_^

I'm not a current CGA member, though I've always if it would be a good thing for me.

You can get a hold of me at

Good Luck picking a winner.

susanmay77 said...

Thanks for the give-away opportunity!

My favorite techniques are Amigurimi, Tapestry crochet, and Filet crochet.

I am not a member of the CGOA.

I can be reached on ravelry as SusanMay77.


Victoria C said...

Thank you so much for the chance to win a membership to the CGOA - I've been meaning to join for a good couple of years now but things keep on taking my attention away.

My 3 favorite techniques / types of crochet are;
1) Tapestry crochet - I fell in love with it when I first joined Ravelry back in 2008.
2) Filet Crochet - that was the second or 3rd technique I learned, after making a very granny square blanket with chunky yarn.
3) Lace - I love lace in whatever form it comes in. I've enjoyed reading about Clones Lace though I'm unsure whether I'd have the patience to make enough of it to make anything big enough to enjoy.

You can reach me on Ravelry as Minimomes1.

Happy New Year.

Hapi said...

Congratulations on your 11 years with the CGOA! And thank you for this fun giveaway.

Love your site and blog, but I can't list only three techniques -- that would be like asking which one is my favorite child. Have done and love doing most of them so far, and looking forward to ever learning more.

I've been a CGOA member for a while now -- it would be great to win a renewal year!

If you visit my Ravelry page (HapiKamper) you can see how many miles I've crocheted in the past few years. :)

smr61754 said...

Hi, Dee...thanks for this great giveaway!

Crochet techniques I fave - I use the invisible join in the round a lot. Also Filet crochet. And cabling.

I am not a current CGOA member.

You know where to contact me. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! I've never been a CGOA member but have always been interested. My favorite three techniques are shells, picots, and seamless crochet. Among many others.

You can reach me on Ravelry as anatole.

LazyTcrochet said...

I saw your contest and thought I'd enter. I've never joined the CGOA, mostly because of the cost, but it would be fun to be a member.
I love felting, free-form crochet, and my favorite stitch is the foundationless DcChain. It's a great, stretchy way to start a project without the initial chain.
You can contact me through my blog here, or via Ravelry at LazyTcrochet. Thanks : )

Quaternity said...

Thanks for this opportunity. Joining CGOA is definitely high on my list of things I need to do. My favorite crochet techniques are entrelac, hairpin lace, and beading. I can be reached through my blog.

BoricuaCrochet said...

I will love to renew my membership to CGOA so this would be a perfect way to do it. lol
My favorite crochet techniques are: freeform, broomstick lace, burges lace, hairpin lace, foundation stitches, post stitches (doing cables), beading. I also love pineapple stitches, and will love to do entrelac. Did I miss one?
I can be reached on Ravelry as BoricuaCrochet.

retcgr said...

Thank you for hosting this give-away! I'm excited and hopeful that I'll WIN a membership in the CGOA!!! I've not yet had the privilige! (Did I spell that correctly? Privilige looks funny.)

My favorite crochet methods are freeform (I'm an "eyeballer"), tunisian and slipstitch (though slipstitch takes f o r e v e r !).

e-mail =

Embrace Peace said...

This is a lovely giveaway. I'm a long-time crocheter who has been doing more knitting in recent years, so my resolution is to incorporate crocheting back into my life. I enjoy adding crab stitch borders to my knitted items, crocheting baby afghans (especially center-out ones), and I'd like to learn Tunisian crochet, entrelac crochet, and surface crochet. I know, that's more than 3!

My Ravelry ID is flowerdancer, and you can contact me there.

I had to delete my post and re-post it because there was no "edit" button and I forgot to add that I am NOT a current CGOA member. Sorry for any inconvenience I may have caused.

Happy New Year and Happy Hooking!

Danielle said...

Hi Dee :)

My top 3 favorite crochet techniques are Irish Lace, Broomstick Lace, and Romanian Point Lace - I just discovered a wonderful group on Ravelry for the last one!

I have never been a member of CGOA

I can be contacted at the following e-mail:

Thank you so much for offering this!

Akua Lezli Hope said...

How can one choose just three? I love
so many! Number 1 is freeform, though; but after that, everything else vies for a place. Dimensional crochet is a another category and my love of dimensionality led me to aran, flowers, and amigurumi. 2011 was when I became enamored of crocheknit. Related but different is my infatuation with cord making: lobster stitch, elaborated chains and post stitch cords. I'm AkuaLezliHope on Ravelry and thank you for all you do. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

My favorite crochet technique is Tunisian, second cables, third slip stitch. There are other techniques I love the look of but haven't really put much time into yet, but I may have a decade or two left to work on them! I am a current CGOA member. Thanks for your generosity!

Yarnladee said...

My 3 favorite techniques are as follows:

1. Doilies-since hubby collects antique glass they are perfect for protecting our antique tabletops and other delicate areas.

2. Filet-We have plans to build a new home and I'm hoping to make curtains for all the windows since we will be high up on a mountaintop with the nearest neighbor 1/2 mile away and no one can see in the windows unless they are right up at the house or have a really good telescope!

3. Broomstick-I just learned it last fall and if all my WIPs ever get finished, I have a plan hatching in the back of my mind for an afghan using this wonderful technique.

I am currently a CGOA member, but hubby is not(I taught him to crochet in 1999) and would use the membership for him if that's allowed. I'm yarnladee on Ravelry and can be reached that way.

Anonymous said...

My three favorite techniques are - Amigurumi, Irish lace, and Tunisian.

I am not a member of CGOA...

you can reach me at kiwifirefly[at]gmail[dot]com

Unknown said...

Hi, My name is Tammy Algiere. I am not a member of CGOA but would love to be! My favorite three crochet techniques are the half double crochet, Tunisian, and dc shells! I am Still learning the various techniques and exploring the possibilities of Tunisian crochet. I love how the stich seems to flow.Thank you for the chance to become a member of CGOA!
My E-mail address is

Trina said...

My favorite techniques are Amigurumi, granny square, graph. just to name a few i like any form and would love to learn more. I have not been a member of CGOA have always put it off till i had the money and then kept finding one reason after another to put it off. But now that a lot of things in my life has changed, included being married to a man that did not support my hobby, now my ex. I have no reason to not get a membership. I would love the chance to win this membership so that i can get a really good feel of the CGOA. If i win or not Im still going to get a membership. Winning this would just stop the excuses for not getting it.
I can be reached at thank you, Trina

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee! What a lovely idea to give away a membership. I am a current member (joined last year for the first time!) and this year I'm planning to get my masters certificate later in the year.

My favorite crochet techniques... I'm new to slip stitch crochet, but it is quickly becoming a favorite technique.

(this is tough because I simply love EVERYTHING I've done with crochet so far!)

After having come to foundation stitches during the past year (but knowing from looking back in some of my older instructional books/mags they've been around for a while!), I can't imagine why I waited so long! LOVE foundation stitches so much more than the chain row start.

Bobbles! I dig me some bobbles. :)

You can reach me via my email 500miles2nowhere at gmail dot com.

llsmithwaller said...

Hi, I am new to crocheting, but have jumped started my collection.
I recently developed Lupus and Scleroderma and crocheting gives me something to keep my hands busy and limber. It allows me to create and still contribute.

My 3 favorite crocheting types are Tunisian, Tunisian entrelac, regular double crochet.

I would love to join the CGoA, but have been unable to afford it due to my illness. any help would be greatly appreciated. said...

Hi Dee,

Please consider this as my entry in your 2nd Annual CGOA Membership Giveaway. My three favorite types and techniques of crochet are
1) Crochet by Numbers,
2) Symbol crochet, and
3)Doily crochet.
I must tell you that I enjoy Delta crochet as well.

I am not currently a member of the CGOA. I'd like to be, but at present I just can't afford it(am living in a shelter as we speak).

To get in touch w/me, you can email me at ibohmann !@yahooooo .com
Thanks for this opportunity!

Irene B. said...

Hi Dee--tried to leave a comment on you blog and it would not go to the comment page. So----my fav three crochet techs are Charity Crochet, Sock Yarn Crochet, and Granny-all different shapes crochet. Yep, Current CGOA member. Sandyfroglegs
Thank You!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee. I've been crocheting for 45 years and haven't found many stitches I didn't like. lol
I am a CGOA member & it's time to renew already. I would LOVE to win this year of CGOA membership. Thank you so much for doing this & Best of wishes for the winner.

You can reach me at

ripplestitchkin said...

Hi Dee, I'm beginning my 7th year as a crocheter, and am not a CGOA member yet. My three favorite techniques are crochet cables, shallow single crochet, and complex lace patterns--charted, of course! I am on Rav as ripplestitchkin and you can pm me there.

gragar860 said...

Hi Dee, you know I love just about every stitch, form of crochet out there and thirsting to learn more....tunisian, filet, thread, etc.....Grace G...aka-Gramma Gussy

Aunty Prim said...

Had to delete and redo my comment - I wish they were 'editable'. Added your blog to my reader :)
At any rate I've been thinking about joining cgoa so this is excellent for me.
I esp like tunisian crochet, anything using vstitch and all types of 'granny' squares.
Aunty Prim

Unknown said...

Hi and Happy New Year!
My fave use to be Tunisian back when it was called afghan stitch then some how the name changed and I forgot how to do it! Ha! So my other 2 faves are v stitch and since I can't think of another stitch I will say making things in a circle. I got into afghans in circle and hats and then I was making cup holders and heads and balls and the list goes on and on. I think I have a problem with straight lines now! LOL

Jen said...

Hi Dee!

What a great contest! The technique I seem to be using most these days is the granny square. I also like freeform and aran crochet.

My CGOA membership has lapsed, I'm hoping to be able to renew it this spring.

Jen from HHCC

AberrantCrochet said...

Thanks for the fun Dee!

My top three:
1. Tapestry Crochet
2. Freeform
3. Thread/miniature crochet

I've never been a member of CGOA. I haven't been sure about the commitment it might demand to be a member. But perhaps it's time to consider?

@AberrantCrochet said...

---------- No More Entrants after this posting; drawing is now closed.----------

Thank you to those who entered & shared their favorite crochet techniques.

Winner will be announced in a new blog post. Good luck to everyone! :)