Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quick Memories of ChainLink (Fall) 2011

Lens-Eye View of the 2011 Fall ChainLink Fashion Show
Did ChainLink in Greensboro, NC, fly by that fast? How sad, it did. It REALLY did! The drive to Greensboro, NC, from Connecticut seemed like an enjoyable drive through the countryside. I barely noticed it took nearly 11 hours ...  That was Tuesday.

I slept in on Wednesday, missing Professional Development Day.  But I was OK with this -- so was Doris.  She quickly scooped me up to help prepare entries for the CGOA Design Contest judging ... afterwards I went to teach Pushmi~Pullyu to a most inspiring group of hookers/crocheters I've yet to teach this class to!

On Thursday I was just as busy, meeting  new attendees, and teaching my Tunision 101 and Crochet 101 classes.  I kept them all in line with my huge Jenkins, size U/25mm, Tunisian hook (I'm joking! lol) ... if you want one for yourself, click here for his website.

On Friday it was time for me to tap into my inner Trekkie-ness (fans of the television show Star Trek get this; lol), and teach my Link Me Up, Scottie class.  I loved how my students pushed the envelope and went "where no hook has gone before," creating some new-to-me stitch designs.  You go girls -- and may your stitches "live long and prosper!"

That afternoon Doris once again recruited me as I was browsing the Vendors Market, treating myself to some funky yarn and jaw-droppin' purdy buttons.  This would be my first time volunteering behind the curtain --  I was responsible for music and photographing the beautiful crochet fashions as they were hot off the catwalk. It was soooo much fun!!  I loved how all the models cooperated with some of  my zany posing requests, such as posing like "Charlie's Angels" ... Of course you need to go to Doris' blog to see Vashti sorta, uh, um, expecting ... yeah, you gotta go see that!  (Yes, I said you need to go to Doris' blog; try the link I posted earlier!)

On Saturday I had my students venture into bi-stitchual-ness by Crocheting Your Knit.   They did amazing!  That night I kidnapped Margaret Hubert & Joan Davis and ventured outside of the hotel for dinner at PF Changs where I met a lady who could pass as the twin of one of my nieces!

During the evenings I spent time with new & old friends, those from afar, and those who were locals.  I love how we are all able to bond over the love of crochet!

Sunday came way too fast & it was time to venture home again.  I'm already making plans for next year.  How about you?

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