Thursday, September 1, 2011

Eighth Annual "60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge"

Wow; where did summer go??  It seems one moment I was taking the kids camping, and the next was back to school shopping.  What happened to the time in~between! 

While I can't explain why time seems to fly when one is having fun, I can announce that it is time for the Eighth Annual "60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge!"  Can you believe it?!!!  This is our EIGHTH year of sharing warmth & love to our local communities with handmade scarves from the heart!

If you've never participated, you'll be amazed at how easy it is.  All you need to do is hand-craft one (or more!) scarves from September 1st through November 30th and then tell us who you will be donating your scarf to.  If you are a member of Ravelry, you can join in on the conversations & growing counts by clicking here.  If you are not a member of Ravelry, you can leave your count in the comments of this blog post.  At the end of November all the scarves are counted for a grand total!

Do you need to ship your scarf/scarves anywhere?  No.  Not unless you want to.  The idea is that this Challenge is to help our local communities -- many of which are in dire need!

Do you need to use a special pattern?  No.  Not unless you want to.  And if you do, if the designer asks for credit, please remember to give it.  Otherwise, you can learn a new stitch, or create your own pattern!  All while putting a little dent in the ever-growing yarn stash!

Do you need to crochet it?  Well, yes, it you want to.  Or you can knit it.  Or even weave it.  As long as it is crafted by human hands then it counts!  If memory serves me correctly I saw a macramed scarf in a LYS not too long ago, so if  you want to macrame a scarf out of soft, yummy yarn, then go for it!!   :)

Do you have to make 60 scarves?  There have been many who have tried -- some made the goal, and some didn't.  This is a Challenge that some take up as a personal one, or as a local group, or to have their single scarf added to everyone else's to help the numbers add up!  It's like filling up a bucket a drop at a time; each drop counts -- and eventually the bucket will fill, and usually with this Challenge, it will overfill!  Isn't that great?!?

Can you create a "60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge" in your local community?  ABSOLUTELY!  Why keep all the fun to ourselves, right?  I know of several groups working together to see if they can create 60 scarves -- or more -- for their local community.  The fun is seeing if your group can meet or beat the Challenge.

OK, what are you waiting for?  Your yarn is a'callin' ...

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Haley said...

Hey, I remember the first 60 scarves in 60 days! Cooked up at KTog :o) Miss ya! Hope you have fun in NC!!