Monday, January 3, 2011

Question From Reader: Double Ended Crochet Hooks???

What does one do with a double ended circular crochet hook? A.C. Moore carries one by Susan Bates for $9.95 and I have this great 50% off coupon. I've perused EVERY Tunesian crochet book in the store and there is no mention of using this type of hook ! The websites for Susan Bates etc. don't even mention or show it...hhmmm.. I can't think of anything with which to use this other than Tunesian crochet. Any ideas? Pictures? Projects using this type of hook? Ginger in Greenville

Dear Ginger, What a great question!!

The reason your Tunisian crochet books do not mention the double-ended crochet hook is because the hook in not part of the Tunisian technique.  Well, it is, kindasorta, but it isn't really considered a part of it.  I say "kindasorta" because if you know how to do Tunisian, you'll pick up the Crochet on the Double technique in a heartbeat!  On the other hand, if you know how to Crochet on the Double, then you'll pick up the Tunisian technique in a heartbeat.  They're that similar, yet, still different enough to be considered unique crochet techniques.  :)

The idea behind double-ended crochet hooks is that you can use different colored yarns, and/or textured yarns, to create beautiful crochet fabrics/projects.  You may want to check out the book 101 Double Ended Hook Stitches for some inspiration; your local library may have it available for loan.

At the moment,  my "on the go" project is a scarf I'm working up with some yarn that has been sitting in my stash for ages.  Not having enough of each color to create a single project is what kept this yarn from being utilized.  I have found combining them together using the double-ended crochet technique marries these two colors together beautifully: one side will be more "orange," and the other will show more "blue."  The gold running through both yarns pulls it all together.  (Side Note:  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.)
Take a look at the crochet hooks (pictured on the left) I am currently using -- test driving actually.  These are prototypes ...sweet, sweet, prototypes, I might add-- hand-turned by Tom of   Yummy looking, right?  These hooks are not on the market -- yet -- but the knitting needles are.  You can go here for the Ravelry discussion.  Keep watching my blog, I'll be discussing these hooks more in-depth soon!

I hope this helps, Ginger.  Now, go out and try this double-ended crochet technique.  It's pretty cool -- and, if you haven't already, consider entering into my CGOA One-Year Membership Drawing:)


bobbins said...

I am so jealous of the needle kit! It is beautiful and bet it is a joy to use.

TurquoizBlue said...

I second that jealous comment! I could use a set of those RIGHT NOW. I hope they make it to market soon.