Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Yarn!!

The start of a New Year is always a good time to take stock of all that is good in our lives, as well as to make resolutions for what we hope to accomplish for the year.  ‎2011 will be my third year in reducing my yarn stash; many items for charity will be crocheted. Of course, with the kids liking the needle-felting, I can't say my roving stash will share the same fate.

The start of 2011 also means, that in just two short weeks, I will be starting my SEVENTH year in blogging about my crochet/yarn adventures, AND it will be my TENTH year of being a CGOA member.  In researching my very first post, it wasn't much.  But then again -- it was.  It was Ruth Arbitelle, one of my devoted crochet students who repeatedly asked me to share more about my crochet adventures.  At the time blogging was still fairly new and I didn't know much about it.  I decided to jump in and see where it would lead; the journey has been wonderful.  I am sure Ruth is smiling down from heaven, happy I'm still blogging (and probably wishing I'd update more often! lol).

To celebrate these milestones, I decided to have a drawing!

The rules are simple:
1. Entries accepted from now until January 14, 2011, midnight, eastern time, by leaving comments at this Blog entry.
2. List seven  things about crochet you'd like to learn.  If you're not sure, visit my "Types & Techniques" page on my website,, for some ideas.
3. Include if you are a CGOA member or not.
4. Leave a way for me to contact you should your name be drawn as the winner.  If I can't reach you, I'll need to have another name drawn.  Winner will be announced on January 15th; the winner will receive a One-Year Membership to the CGOA!
I wish you all a happy, healthy, crochet-filled New Year!  :)


robynlicious said...

1. How to finish a garment... as in getting past the swatching stage and following through.
2. How to create symbol diagrams.
3. Tunisian lace.
4. How to submit a project for publishing.
5. To crochet with (my) handspun yarn.
6. To crochet left handed.
7. Big hook crochet

Unknown said...

Congratulations on your milestones!

I'd like to lear hairpin lace, tunisian crochet, broomstick lace, entrelac, tunisian intarsia, steeking and modular crochet. Oh my, that sounds like a lot. I'll settle for learning three of those things this year! I am not a CGOA member but have been thinking about joining for a while. I hope this is my chance!

crispy_92801 said...

I want to learn tunisian (more than just the basic stitch), hairpin lace, knooking, bullion stitch, garment shaping/fitting, entrelac and pattern designing. I've looked into joining CGOA for years, but something else always comes up. Hopefully this'll be the year I finally become a member :)

I'm AbbyNormal on Ravelry

Kathleen said...

I would like to learn:
1. How to do Tunisian.
2. How to make a garment.
3. How to do hairpin lace.
4. Make amigurumi.
5. Celtic knot work.
6. Felting.
7. Filet.
I am not a CGOA member but I was thinking about joining this year.

PSBFAN said...

1. Tunisian crochet
2. Broomstick lace
3. Hairpin lace
4. Garment construction
5. Pattern designing
6. Motif joining - getting better at it
7. Front and back post stitches

I'm PSBFAN on Ravelry

Carol said...

Things I would like to learn-
1-How to make a garment fit properly
2-Learn more blocking techniques
3-Try hairpin lace (it is SO beautiful)
4-Learn about yarn dying
5-Learn entrelac
6-How to stitch together motif's so you can't see the seams.
7-Figure out how to the bullion stitch consistently.

I am a CGOA meember.

I am mrsmhwillia on Ravelry.

Congrats on your 10 years!!

Carol said...

And I had to share I just became your 111 follower on 1-1-11!! YAY!!

Kristin Moran said...

1. Creating symbol diagrams
2. Tunisian crochet
3. Celtic crochet
4. Entrelac
5. Irish lace
6. Spiral crochet
7. Tambour

And one of my goals for 2011 is to write at least one more pattern - I'd love to be able to make a diagram for it.

I'm not currently a member of CGOA.

I'm dreamspunfiber on Ravelry.

katjoy said...

Wow, I just got done researching this very issue of joining - glad I looked through the Ravelry forums!
Okay - List seven things about crochet I'd like to learn:
1. How to start up a crochet group in my area
2. How to piece together a garment
3. How to join Crochet Guild of America ;0)
4. How to embellish other items with crochet accents
5. How to work with intricate patterns found in magazines like Keito Dama (Japanese)
6. How to incorporate beads into crochet - especially jewelry
7. To learn as many stitches as possible!

Julie said...

Happy New Year to you Dee!

Things I would like to learn:

1. Working with lace weight yarn
2. Making a crocheted garment to fit well.
3. Crocheting with beads.
4. Entrelac
5. Delta Crochet
6. Modular crochet
7. Join-as-you-go motifs
I am not a CGOA member but would like to be! You can contact me at jbkcrochet at gmail dot com.

Hooklady said...

I am a member of CGOA and have been for more years than I want to count. Seven things I want to learn.
1. More about crochet hooks and their histoy
2. Tunisian lace
3. How to crochet a garment that fits.
4. New stitch.
5. Slip stitch crochet.
6. How to knit with a crochet hook.
7. Broomstick lace.

Suzen said...

Thanks for the giveaway.

I'd like to learn:
1. sleeve joining types (raglan, etc)
2. garment shaping for body type
3. tunisian lace
4. freeform
5. hyperbolic and other nerdy crochet
6. spinning yarn specifically for crochet
7. easy ways to create stitch diagrams for original designs

I am a current member of CGOA. I'm MysticZen on Ravelry.

Amy said...

Congratulations, Dee!

Here's my list:
1. Overlay crochet
2. Painted crochet
3. Slip stitch/Bosnian crochet
4. Irish crochet
5. Freeform
6. Bead crochet
7. Double ended Tunisian
And many more!

I am a CGOA member as of a few months ago.
You can contact me as GreenWoman on Ravelry. Thanks for the contest!

Stitch 'n Frog said...

Seven new things I would like to learn~
1 - How to read and crochet from diagrams.
2 - How to correctly shape garments
3 - Broomstick crochet
4 - To crochet left-handed
5 - To spin, dye, and crochet my own yarns
6 - Better pattern-writing skills
7 - How to finish what I start before I start ten new WIP's

Devi said...

I'd like to learn

1) Surface crochet.
2) What double ended hooks are for and how to use them.
3) More about crocheting 3D shapes so I can come up with designs on my own.
4) How to hold the hook so I don't kill my thumb but still have good control and stitch tension.
5) How to make lace.
6) How to work with crochet thread and a steel hook so I can try to make Barbie clothes.
7) Filet crochet.

I want to make little things and want my hand to stop hurting. Oy. I hope I don't have to settle for one or the other. I've been crocheting for over a year and I still can't get out of the habit of holding the hook so it hurts.

I'm not a CGOA member. I can be contacted through this account and I'm devinise on Raverlry.

MareKnits said...

1. Finishing process
2. Tunisian Lace
3. Freeform
4. Understanding the symbols in Japanese crocheting
5. Entrelac
6. Irish Crochet
7. Tatting (it's not crocheting but I want to learn someday)
I'm not a CGOA member.

Anonymous said...

1. Hairpin lace
2. Broomstick lace
3. Tapestry crochet
4. Bavarian crochet
5. Knooking
6. Tunisian intarsia
7. Entrelac

I'm a happy CGOA member!

Jana said...

Your posts and comments on Ravelry are always so helpful and insightful. What a great idea for a contest.

I would like to learn.
1. Better joining and finishing techniques
2. Tunisian Lace
3. Broomstick Lace
4. Intarsia
5. Thread crochet
6. Beaded crochet
7. Sizing techniques for garments

I am a member of the local chapter of CGOA, but not a member of CGOA. I was planning to join this year. If I win I can spend that money on more yarn.

I am 1HappyMonkey on Ravelry.

Ann Chubb said...

Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary. I am beginning my second year as a CGOA member!

Seven techniques I'd like to learn are:
1.Tunisian (I know Jane Rimmer...I should already know how to do this, right?)
2.Celtic (I have a pattern book, haven't read it yet)
3.Crochet on the Double
4.Pushmi Pullyu
5.Waffle Weave (Another pattern book I haven't looked at yet)
6.Interlocking (There's a knew book out by Tanis (Someone)...looks interesting)
7.Felting (not a crochet technique, but I'd like to learn)

I am crochetlady22 on Ravelry.

Anonymous said...

How awesome for you...congrats!
I just started blogging and tweeting which is how I saw your cool blog.

I'd like to:

Learn to make amigurumi
Make a sweater
Tunisian crochet
Filet crochet
Crochet gloves
Crochet socks
Thread crochet

Dahlia 625 on Ravelry

Cami said...

This is a wonderful contest. Thank you! I would love to become a member of the CGOA, as I am not one yet. There is much to learn about crochet, but here are my top seven.
1. Tunisian crochet - basic and advanced
2. Hairpin lace - different techniques for joining strips
3. Developing a design style in crochet
4. How to get patterns published
5. How to price self-published patterns
6. Which stitches work best for shaping in torso garments
7. How to size patterns up and down from an original design

If I am lucky enough to win, I can be contacted at artlikebread at gmail dot com. Thank you again for the opportunity!

Kim said...

Whoa... seven is a lot. I've done so many new things this last year, it will be hard!
1. broomstick lace
2. design a seamed sweater
3. crochet socks
4. more complex cables
5. design shaped edgings
6. crochet in lace weight
7. improve my FO-descibing vocabulary
I'm not a CGOA member, but will probably be joining soon even if I don't win! I'm marusempai on Ravelry.

Tracey said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thank you for putting out a wonderful crochet blog! I look forward to your posts!

For my seven things:
1. aran crochet (didn't even know it existed!)
2. Tunisian lace
3. hairpin lace (looks popular!)
4. Crochet on the double
5. Felting (this will be useful for knitting too!)
6. garmet shaping
7. and finally PATTERN DESIGN!

Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway!

Anonymous said...

Now that's a good prize! Congrats on your blogiversary!
I would like to learn
1. How to create a sleeve cap
2. How to design sleeves in general
3. How to crochet socks
4. How to make a top-down cardigan
5. How to adapt any pattern to MY gauge and MY yarn
6. Entrelac
7. More "join as you go" techniques
I'm not a CGOA member but I am on Ravelry.

Margo said...

I would like to learn
1-broomstick lace
2-hairpin lace
3-work from diagrams
4-do more with tunisian crochet
5-make a garment but must first
6-improve seaming
7-work on gauge/tension consistency
I am not a CGOA member
margoscrochet on Ravelry

carmelvineyard said...

Hi! Thank you for doing this, I am so glad I saw it on Ravelry (where I am carmelvineyard) before it ended! :) I'm not a CGOA member yet, it's one of the things I want to do this year.

Things I want to do in crochet:
1. Tunisian lace
2. make a garment with sleeves
3. make a hat that fits right
4. make some socks!
5. Tunisian in the round
6. double ended crochet
7. reversible stitches

and slip stitch crochet, colorwork, most of the stitches in Margaret Hubert's new book... 7 isn't enough! :)

Thank you again! --Carmel Johnson