Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Book Tour Stop: Baby Blueprint Crochet by Robyn Chachula

Baby Blueprint Crochet: Irresistible Projects for Little OnesRobyn and I met on the internet several years ago.  In fact, she was a participant in my "60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge" back when it first started!  We met in person a few years later at a CGOA Conference during what is known as Professional Development Day where she was doing a "breakout session;" it felt like we had known each other forever!  :)

I believe there must be something in our DNA that drives us to create items from the hand, and the heart, for the babies in our lives.  When Robyn announced she was expecting, I knew it was a matter of time before her new bundle of joy would bring her a new bundle of design inspirations!  In fact, Robyn acknowledges her muse by dedicating her newest  hot-off-the-press book, Baby Blueprint Crochet, to her baby daughter ....  the book is beautifully packaged with a variety of designs to inspire crocheters to feed that drive, complete with crochet symbols!

My children are well past the infant/toddler stage; however, since my son, Dee Jr. still loves dinosaurs, I decided to quickly whip up the motif from Robyn's "Callum Pullover" pattern.  My plan is to give this cute dinosaur to my son to use as a bookmark.  --  In the meantime, if I can carve out a niche of time before Christmas, this cute pullover might end up on my hook for my new nephew.  And maybe a pair of socks (also featured in the book) too. 

... or maybe the slippers ... there is so much to choose from!  From dresses to flying elephants, Robyn has created a book full of irresistible projects to crochet for the little ones in our lives.  You can see the adorable projects here in Robyn's Flicker Album.  :)

Side notes: I did not use the yarn called for in the pattern, or stop to check my gauge; this means my dinosaur came out chunkier than the one pictured in Robyn's book.  If you plan on making the pullover, please check your gauge first!!!   I also changed the stitches for the dinosaur's scales since I do not intend to sew him onto a garment.

About the crochet hook in the picture:  It is a custom Graydog crochet hook; a gift from my husband from several years ago.  If you are here searching for information on Graydog, I have none to offer at this time.

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