Friday, August 27, 2010

Extreme Crochet: Have You?

Two weeks ago, when the topic of Extreme Crochet was posted on the Crochet Liberation Front's Ravelry Group, I had to stop and think about it. Had I?

Although I enjoy motorcycle rides, sailing, whipping down the bob sled track at Lake Placid, and snow skiing, I never crocheted WHILE doing those activities. In fact, I think the most extreme crocheting I've ever done was while riding as a passenger in a car this past summer. Why would I consider that extreme crocheting? Because I get motion sickness in a car VERY easy. I even tried it on a train, but yeah, that motion sickness thing set in pretty quick.

So this week my sweet husband nominated me as an extreme crocheter for crocheting on the beach. I worked on two lacy chemo caps. The lifeguards nearby inquired about my crochet, and why I would crochet chemo caps: I replied, "... because there are people fighting for their lives; and they don't get a day off from being sick." They thought it was a pretty cool reason to crochet on the beach.

So, these two chemo caps will be popped into the mail, on their way to someone very special. Hopefully they'll bring some "fun & sun" smiles upon their arrival. And now, along with being well known as "The Crochet Cheerleader," I can now add "Extreme Crocheter" to my growing list of titles.

Extreme Crochet. Have YOU??

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Snowcatcher said...

Not only a great idea to extreme crochet, but I like the project you did. How awesome that you might be inspiring others!

found you on ravelry...