Friday, August 20, 2010

59th annual Bridgewater Fair

I was tickled to learn two fellow HHCC members would be joining me and my daughter in entering crocheted projects the Bridgewater Fair. I have been entering this fair since 2002 upon the urging of my sweet husband, well known as "Mr. Dee," as he is my biggest cheerleader.

I entered four items: a "Ling" collar, a purse, a scarf, and a vest. The Ling collar I opted to enter was my green one, made of the sock yarn that was hand-dyed by a fellow HHCC'er; it received soooooo many compliments at the recent CGOA Conference, it was what I consider a "no brainer."

The purse and vest were both crocheted using my "Pushmi~Pullyu" method. The difference between the two aside from color and size, is the purse was crocheted in the round, and the vest in two flat pieces. The scarf was crocheted with the amazing needle, which means it featured 100% true-knit stitches. Because of this, I pinned the scarf with my "Crochet" pin, and included the specialized crochet hook -- just in case there was any doubt it was in fact crocheted!

I won a Blue Ribbon for the purse and for the Ling collar. I won a Red Ribbon for the vest. And I won a Yellow Ribbon for the scarf.

Mini~Dee entered two items: a "Fiddler Shawl" from her school play, and a bracelet she crocheted using Jelly Yarn. She won a Blue Ribbon in the Junior Division for both items.

Now we're looking to next year's fair, and wondering ... what will we enter?? For that, we have a whole year to plan for. :)

How did my fellow HHCC'ers fair at the Fair? Visit to find out!

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