Tuesday, June 15, 2010

She's Growing Up

How old were you when you wore your first bikini? Was it crocheted? And when you did wear it in public, did your parent(s) freak, or were they OK with it?

My Mini~Dee has decided to take on my yarn stash -- head on. She's a very brave girl. She went in without a safety-line! ... she has been sorting and organizing ... and apparently day dreaming too ...

Seems she came across the beaded bikini top I crocheted up as a store sample back in 2005 and decided she'd claim it for herself. Only it doesn't fit. She's pretty bummed about that. So she asked if I'd crochet a new one for her. You know, as "combat" payment for organizing my mountain of yarn.

I might, as she's been working her tail off. But I think I'd omit the 700 beads per cup; that was a lot of work! And I might include a matching bottom. The biggest problem is agreeing on the right pattern -- maybe she'll be interested in sorting through my book stash too ... ?

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