Monday, April 19, 2010

Packing Up & Listening In

I'm busy going through all my crochet projects (that might give the illusion that it's a LOT of projects, but if you're anything like me and millions of other crocheters -- we tend to give a lot of our work away, so really it isn't!) ... I'm selecting those projects I used natural fibers for, such as alpaca, cotton, bamboo, silk, and wool. These items will be on display at the upcoming 101st Connecticut Sheep & Wool Festival taking place on Saturday, April 24th.

Initially I thought I wouldn't be attending the Festival; my plans have changed! So, not only will I be able to go, but I will also be demonstrating how to crochet with roving (also known as unspun yarn)! Thus far I've selected a hat I crocheted using incredibly soft roving, and a scarf I crocheted a while back using the Waffle Weave technique (not to be confused with the Waffle Weave Stitch). Hmmmm. What else should I bring? Oh, yes, yes, I should bring the scarf I'm knitting up with my crochet hook. That's always a mind blower crowd-pleaser! :)

Come see me! I'll be in the White Barn with my fellow CGOA Chapter members!

I also want to mention that tonight is the Live Broadcast of the FLAMIES Awards. It will be exciting to tune in to hear from all the winners. I think I'll wear my crochet hook earrings while listening in. :)


Gracey is not my name.... said...

Hi Dee, it's Tammy!!! Here is my blog site, if you could forward to Grace - couldn't find an email for her! Thanks!!!!!

Gracey is not my name.... said...

Great to see you Dee!