Thursday, March 11, 2010

The 2010 CLF Flamies Awards

It is that time of year again ... time for the
2nd Annual 2010 CLF Flamies Awards!

CLF stands for the Crochet Liberation Front, a very active crochet group on the website. The leader of this group, Laurie Wheeler, created this group to "liberate the [crochet] hook." With nearly 5,000 members strong, that's a whole-lotta liberating! :)

Last year Laurie started the Flamies. Flamies is short for "the Flaming Hook of Justice," an award that the CLF group bestows upon to those lovin' on crochet for a variety of reasons.

Laurie decided that if the movie industry has the Grammies, then crochet should have a glamorous & prestigious award ceremony too! The CLF members nominated the people, projects, and companies they thought were BEST for a variety of crochet categories, and then the world was offered the opportunity to cast votes for their favorites (go here for more info). Then, on a special night, the nominees with the most votes were announced to the world on The Getting Loopy Show. Cool, right?!!

Let your voice be heard! Go HERE to vote! You have until March 22, 2010, 11.59pm PDT, to cast your vote. Then, tune into The Getting Loopy Show on April 19, 2010 to listen to the winners.

I am very honored to be a nominee of the 2nd Annual CLF Flamies! I am nominated for Best Crochet Instructor 2009, and Best Crochet Designer (for children). Congratulations to all the other nominees!


Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

Good luck and congrats on the nominations. I voted for you!! Looking forward to seeing you in class in NH (if they would only open the registration already!!!!) Have a great day! Haley

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