Friday, January 30, 2009

Volunteers Needed; Apply Within

Last week Starbucks had a promotion to help raise awareness that there is a short supply of volunteers. Starbucks was giving a free cup of coffee if you volunteered 5 hours of your time to a charity in need. I had hoped to take advantage by getting a bunch of friends together to go crochet at a local Starbucks during that time -- but it didn't happen; we couldn't mesh our calendars together in time to promote charity and crochet (with Starbucks free coffee!). But just because we were not successful in getting together at Starbucks doesn't mean our efforts are not needed!

It's just the opposite! As more and more people fall victim to our economy, more and more people will be in need. We don't need to go work in soup kitchens, organize coat drives, or any of that (unless you want to -- and those efforts would be VERY much appreciated by your local communities!), and we don't need to go out shopping for more yarn (unless you want to -- and in doing so helping your local yarn shop stay in business). Instead, what we can do, from the comfort of our homes, is volunteer to crochet.

Crochet for those same 5 hours Starbucks was asking we pledge to. Crochet hats, and scarves and donate them to homeless shelters. Crochet preemie sets and donate them to your local hospital. Crochet chemo caps for all ages, and both genders. Find a need, and fill it with 5 hours of your crochet time, then donate the fruits of your labor. Are you with me?

Those 5 hours you stitch will mean the world to someone. Someone such as Dawn who recently contacted me with the following:

Dear Dee,
I am currently in my 6th year of chemo at Danbury Hospital (battling Metastatic Breast Cancer) and today picked up one of your beautiful crochet hats at the Praxair Cancer Center. My hair was damp and the weather had turned cold and dreary and it was just perfect!
Thank you so much for spending your time making something so beautiful, and then sharing it with Me!!

Make a difference today! Pledge to volunteer 5 hours of your crochet time today!

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Deb Forbes said...

Thats a good idea. I crochet lapghans for NorthCare Hospice patients. They really appreciate them too. That is another idea that we all can do to do our 5 hours. Deb