Friday, January 30, 2004

My Scarf: An Eye Catcher

Yesterday I did some errands around town.  I was wearing a scarf I crocheted using ribbon yarn together with a sparce eye lash yarn.  Both in the color spectrum of cream with a hint of sparkling gold.  (I used a "N" hook and an open stitch).

No matter where I went yesterday I was stopped so people could examine the scarf.  Many were surprised to learn that it was crocheted and not knitted.  They said they thought that "high end looking scarves are knitted" -- I'm glad they had an opportunity to see that crochet can be too! :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Dee! Can you post a picture of your scarf? Or better yet, bring it to class on Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Is there a picture available and or pattern for your scarf?

Anonymous said...

I wore the scarf to the Stamford store today and it got rave reviews! I do not have the pattern posted, but will be teaching a class on it in the April/May timeframe. I hope to get a picture of it in one of my picturetrail albums soon. :)