Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Experimenting: Crochet Trim

Alright, I couldn't stand it any longer and just had to (carefully) crochet something or I'd simply go mad!  (LOL)

So I took the flannel wrap I picked up at the Dress Barn (a local clothing store for women) and decided to add crochet trim to it.

I searched through my stash, and searched, and searched.  I had many types of yarn picked out, but decided upon Berroco's "Zap" -- a type of furry yarn in a blend of colors from green to purple. 

Since the wrap already had a very simple crochet trim by the manufacturer, I decided to crochet right over it using a series of single crochets and chains.  The first row I did using an "H" hook as I had to be able to get into the loops already there; the second row I bumped the hook size up to a "K."

With the two rows done, I sat and "fluffed" my fur.  I thought for sure my husband would reference me to being a cat preening itself ((grins)), but he didn't.  Instead he said he thought it was interesting that I'd add crochet trim to a purchased item to customize it, and he liked it.

Now this morning I have the wrap on (to keep warm while I wait for the heat to kick on), and the furry trim feels so luscious.

I'm delighted that I was able to crochet for a short while without placing strain on my wrist; returning to crochet at the end of the month looks promising.  (Yea!)

I hope you have fun experimenting with adding crochet to your store-bought goodies too. :)


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